Wild Horses


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Passion for the wild.

“Watching me run. That’s total freedom. Trying to ride me. That’s totally not happening.” – Wild Horses

In the last several years, the wild horse has become so important to me.  I just have this joy for the wild. They are free and that kind of spirit is unmatched against anything else in this world. I learn about them all the time. Educate myself. I have a list of all the wild horses just in the South alone I want to track down and see. Learn their history and photograph them. I love the heritage of the wild horse.

The wild horses of the Outer Banks hold a piece of my heart. I hope to make at least one yearly visit to see them. I’m a member of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and a proud one at that. I’ve donated to them a few times. I want to see those horses protected like any piece of American history should be. We will work hard to see that happen and work to see their Corolla Wild Horse Protection Act passed. (I have HOPE)

I follow the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign for all the horses out West and really all wild horses throughout our country that are on our American soil. This group, as do hundred and hundreds of other wild horse groups, fight tooth and nail to protect our national treasures. I dream about being out West one day. It is a dream I will make into a goal. I’ve wanted it for so long. I email political figures and sign petitions pretty regularly for the AWHPC. I hate to see what is happening out West the horses and burros. Hope it changes and changes soon. But this page is for the wild beauties of America. I will post about ’em from time to time and share any info I come across. Education is key!


Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Wild Horses of Corolla Beach. My favorite wild horses or the ones ,who to me, are responsible for my passion for the wild horse. I have gotten to photograph them on two separate occasions and I was on a cloud I didn’t want to come off of. Looking forward to my 3rd trip to see them in the future! Camera in hand of course. We can never have enough to show the world these incredible treasures.



Next on my list is Cumberland Island, Georgia or next state I should say. My heart is yearning to go there to see their beloved wild horses. That part of Georgia is amazing anyways and I have never been to Cumberland Island. (not that I can remember) Their horses are on land and beach.


Wild horse in Cumberland Island, Georgia. Beautiful horse and Spanish moss. That is just as beautiful as horses on the beach! (web image)


“I don’t pull carriages in Central Park. I don’t win in the Kentucky Derby. Living wild, majestic and free… I can do that.” – Wild Horses




“Nowhere to Run” (and features Wild Horse Annie- Velma Johnston)


So many new films and documentaries out right now for our American Mustangs. Also, plenty of videos on YouTube.  It makes this heart of mine happy. Here are some website and video links –







Great stories –



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