The Photographer


So this page is the love that found me when I was 19 years old. I was given my first “real” camera when I was 19. SLR 35mm film camera. I was hooked.

I’m not gonna sit here and go on about what kind of cameras I currently use or anything like that. Great photos can be made with any kind of camera and brand. I believe my description for my photography is shown through my photographs.


My greatest joy and love affair in life is photography. I’m not in a box with it and prolly never will be. I have interest in many things. I get bored if I just did this or that. But that’s just me. I find I’m always learning something and that is something I love about it. It is endless. I love the outdoors and that would prolly by my favorite. There are so many things that are involved with the outdoors with photography. I have passion for the land and wildlife. I have dreams of becoming a horse/equine photographer and just a better animal/wildlife photographer in general and I’m trying my skills at that currently and hope to get better in time. I love “street photography”. I guess that could be defined a lot of ways. To me it is exploring. Seeing people, seeing small towns… seeing everyday life. I love where I live – the South. I love rural town America. I always enjoy opportunities to photograph the highways and by-ways of our small towns and countryside. National Geographic is another that is a HUGE inspiration to me. Just flip through one of their issues and it knocks me breathless. You ever look at any Ansel Adams photographs? Those alone could sum up this joy I have for the outdoors.


Celebrating six years with my SmugMug website on July 18, 2013! Where I upload most photographs.


One of my absolute favorite photographers is Annie Leibovitz. The admiration I have for her work and her is beyond. What she has accomplished in her career all these years is incredible. I have her books and enjoy them so much. This is a great video/documentary on her.


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