Favorite hobby? Favorite past-time? All I know is I enjoy flowers and plants. And I enjoy the fruits of my labor. It’s a daily and weekly job. Takes TLC and sweat to keep a well-kept, colorful, ever-growing yard. I can honestly say without question it is one thing I did get from my Mama.



My own board of my own photos for ’14 stuff.  Will be posting my pictures there throughout the year.




One of my favorite flowers and really one of the first signs of Spring here in the South and around my house. My red tulips. They are so pretty but yet only stay in real good bloom for like two weeks. Kinda stinks they come and go. But they sure are pretty while they are here.  I do really love the tulip.


First sign of my strawberries. Can’t wait to pick and eat ’em.


I planted my two flowers I got while in North Carolina over the weekend. Went up and stayed with our friend Travis and I can never pass up plant shopping anywhere I go.


I went out and shot one of my favorite things in the world at Daddy’s house- sweet Magnolia bloom. I look forward to this time of year. 6.17.13


Well Summer hit us here in the South last Friday (June 21st) and here are a few of my flowers that have been blooming during the Spring and most will carry on through out the Summer.


7.20.13 – One of the many pickin’s I’ve had this summer. (iPhone photo)

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