June Photos

June iPhone Photos

I’ve decided this was be my last post for iPhone photos from each month. I started this back last June. Been one year. So making this one my last. Just don’t have a lot of interest in doing it each month anymore.


Merle’s first vet visit. He did great. A+++


Because this is how we all feel going to Ikea right?


Like who does this? Am I 4 years old?


Forever my gardening  buddy.


It gets crazy around here with books. At every turn.


Fresh chocolate mint. Best stuff to grow. Smells so good. I have grown it the last several years.


Well it was a tiny bit of a rainbow on my road.


My Papa gave me his records. So, so happy.


This beetle was so interesting to me that I had to bring it in to look at it and take a photo.


Haha, my Mama!


Pretty sure I love these boys. And pretty sure I love when they come over to spend the night.


When Alan Jackson comes on as you get closer to home. Always happens. Most my life. His voice has always sounded just perfect when I go back home to South Georgia. (He is actually playing as I type this at 5:30 am. I’m a early riser.)


Having breakfast in Moultrie. KT’s first trip! To see where I was born, where I’m from and where all my family still lives.


My sweet Grandparents. My heart fills with love and tears.


Safe to say KT made a new friend. Jerzie was glued to her from the moment they met. Jerzie is my cousin Denver’s daughter.


Splits and bare-feet outside the hospital. Cool.


Greatest sign ever outside my Grandmother Porter’s room.


And then she gave me the greatest gift ever. Her watch that my Papa gave her. And yes it still works. And yes, I have been wearing it. I will treasure it forever and always.


Sure but I always leave very sad when I leave my Grandmother.


Generation photo from the day my brother Jon got married. Papa, Daddy, Jason and Cody.


Peanut. Sweetest boy ever.


KT ALWAYS finds the cats.


It was good to be home. So good.


Gus in his Pa’s seat. *hearts*


These two. I swear.


Yes, Jasey your shirt says wild and that you are!


Jasey’s parents. Dorks.


Always the best hike.



Good to know I finally found the perfect sunflower field near me. AND it is on PUBLIC land. Hate I didn’t know about it the last few years. We will be going back next Summer for more photos. Yes, this is a slice of heaven to me. This is that dream I speak of often. What I want one day. Fields of yellow gold for my town and people to have access to.


My little neighbor Jack out for his first walk with Daddy and Mama. Doh!


Y’all think I’m kidding about this boy and his love for bugs. I ain’t! Showing his Mimi Jane a cool moth.


Will end with this photo. This is a calendar I made my Mama for 2017. I give her one each Christmas. And ironically I put a wild horse photo for July. This has been a trying month (and last several months… and frankly many years) for the horses out West. Trying time with them, the government and the BLM. The BLM’s new budget proposal had language in it that could easily open the backdoor up to horse slaughter for them. Of course that doesn’t sit well with me and any wild horse supporter. But that also shouldn’t sit well with most American’s.  I’ve been writing emails left and right. Talked with two of my SC representatives in the past week by phone. Senator Scott’s D.C. office and yesterday Congressman Ralph Norman’s D.C. office… who actually called me. And yesterday they released the draft House Interior Appropriations bill. And if you go read it, what you will see is a victory for the horses. As of right now. That could change REAL quick. We will see come today, maybe tomorrow or maybe even the next week. I can promise you I’m watching. I’m a wild horse horse supporter first but I’m also a proud citizen and independent voter. I’m watching our government. I’m watching the ones who are hired to work for us and work for everything that America is and stands for, including our iconic wild horses. I don’t talk politics in general or on social media unless it pertains to our animals or our public lands. It is an issue and subject most don’t care about or talk about. It isn’t a juicy headline like everything else but it is important to me. And it IS important to our values and to this country. Also, important to the future and what we leave behind for our children. I will be watching to see who stands up for the horses and who doesn’t. And I can promise you I will take that with me to the voting booth next time.

With that said, so long monthly iPhone photos!







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