Eric + Heather

Eric & Heather

Falls Park on the Reedy

Greenville, South Carolina 

July 2, 2017


June 28, 2015 is probably the date lives were forever changed. But July 2, 2017 made it a forever reality. Made it the biggest chapter so far in their life story and love story. When the boy asked the girl for her hand. Forever.

Eric Riggins, Jr. and Heather Carr. I’ve known Eric for several years now. Been a good buddy of mine. I knew of this woman who stole his heart. I knew he was crazy for her. I knew he was in love with her. But… I had yet to meet her in the two years they have been together. Well that changed 5 days ago.

(Insert The Judd’s Young Love lyrics here)

Ashland, Alabama is where Heather comes from. Eric, he is a Charlotte, North Carolina boy.  They live 5 1/2 hours apart. These two first saw each other when they were 16… at a kart race in Georgia but didn’t speak to each other. So they “met” via the whole social media message thing right after. They talked and talked but life happened, other relationships happened… so nothing came of it. Fast forward the years to late Spring of 2015, Eric sent her a text. Heather’s Grandmother had passed away the day before and Heather felt inside that Eric texting her that day was God sent. Something a heart needed too.


A little over a month later, they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They celebrated their two anniversary on June 28, 2017. Meanwhile, I get the text from Eric that pretty much said hey, I need your help and I need you to photograph the biggest moment of my life. Yes sir! Would be honored to do that.

Eric was ready. Two years is plenty. They have done the long-distance deal for 2 years. Sometimes going a month without seeing each other. That happened a few times. Trying to spend most weekends together and squeezing every ounce out of those weekends. Eric going south to Alabama, Heather coming north to North Carolina. They found a way to make it work.

“Distance isn’t an issue because in the end, I have you.”

This was the second surprise proposal I have shot. They are fun. Just fun. This proposal was COMPLETELY different from the first one I done. Either way… they come with a lot of planning and strategy. Lot of back and forth until the day of. Like I said before last week, girls are smart and they are nosey. You have to cover your tracks and you have to think about every little detail. Well, Eric did that. I must say I was impressed! He had a really amazing day planned for her and them that ended with him down on one knee. The one plus we had going for us was, back to what I mentioned earlier, Heather had never met me yet. So I got to pull off shooting this proposal in this public area without a problem! No hiding or sneak attacks. But I did wear a ball-cap and sunglasses just to be safe. Haha.


So Eric pulled off the great one. He had her family come in from Alabama and had his family come to Greenville too. Corey and Andrea were part of the planning as well. Corey, Eric and I spent several days via group text scheming this out. Corey was the ultimate wingman. Heather’s friend Hannah had made sure her nails were done. (Score one for Hannah! What a friend!) Kelley got the families in place and he also took  my iPhone to record the proposal as best he could.  I normally use my DSLR to video on shoots but clearly couldn’t for this occasion. Happy we got a sweet little video for them. The day…  it just rolled so well. I mean it was on the hottest day of the year but swamp ass? Pfffftttt. WHO CARES? To be part of a special day like that, to witness a moment like that… I don’t even remember that sweat.

“She is his only need.”

So why Greenville, South Carolina? Eric had been working on a job in Greenville several weeks earlier and just forgot how pretty the town was. (It had been many years since he had been there last.) And Falls Park is gorgeous. From the Reedy river to the waterfalls… to Liberty bridge. I have done several photo shoots there so I knew the area. So it worked perfectly. Oh, Heather was told they were headed to downtown to meet Corey and Andrea for a baseball game. As you can prolly guess, there was no baseball game to attend.


Thank you Eric for asking me to photograph the biggest moment of your life. I was honored. It means the world to me. It goes beyond just shooting photographs. I love to see people happy. I love to see my friends happy. I reminded them to always remember how happy they BOTH were on this day. Always refer back to it.

Congrats Eric & Heather!

(And I hope “We’ve Got A Good Fire Going” finds you from time to time…Don Williams or Lady A version)

And I have to add this photo because it is cute and just right. Hey there cute doggie! Shooting in a popular public park on a gorgeous Sunday can be tricky. Luckily not one person got in the way. Only the gorgeous dog. And we didn’t mind one bit!





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