Luke & Brooks Plus 3.

Luke Alexander & Brooks Eddins

Carolina Moon Farms

York, South Carolina

June 2, 2017

I joined Luke & Brooks on their 13 acres of land this past Friday evening to shoot photographs of them with their 3 sweet dogs. Brooks contacted me wanting to get photos done with their dogs and I was so happy to say yes to that. I can’t stress enough the importance of pet portraits. It is one of my favorite things to photograph. Dogs, horses… you name it. We need photographs to look back on of our beloved animals… just like we do for our humans.

Luke and Brooks have 3 dogs. Lilly is a Beagle and she is 7 years old. Ryder is a Mini Aussie and he is 4. Nikki is their newest joy. She is a 8 month old Belgian Malinois. All wonderful and beautiful dogs. I was smitten with them from the second I saw them. That Ryder was so chill too.


We had quite a warm late afternoon. Hello South! But the dogs were great. They did as good as one can expect. I’ve always said give me 5 toddlers to photograph and that is nothing. But dogs? That can be a challenge. Not unless you work with a dog or dogs that are 100% completely trained. But most aren’t and that is okay. But dogs are just more of a challenge to photograph in a portrait setting vs kids. They just are. But it is a challenge I LOVE.


We got several good shots of them with the dogs. All you can do is prepare and just shoot. Dogs tend to turn their heads at any given moment. My dogs do the same… so I know they are actually just normal. Haha! I think if you can walk away from a portrait shoot and have 5 or so good posed shots with the pets and their parents… then that is a good shoot. I think you can’t over do it with animals either especially in the warm humid weather we have. That is only fair to them.


We shot with the dogs first and then spent the rest of the shoot with Luke and Brooks. This was the first time I’ve met Luke. He is a southern gentleman and a man who works two jobs. (Hats off) I always seem to get blessed with the males I photograph. They are always game like the girls. Luke was game for anything. I like that. Plus, he let me know that he likes black and white photographs (thumbs up) and that’s why I shared those below.

I’ve known Brooks or known of her for many years because her Daddy is a friend of me and my Daddy. I went to watch her barrel race over 2 years ago (photographed her) and I knew then… I had to photograph her in some kind of way outside of racing. Her love of horses spoke to me. Speaking of barrel races, she told me her and Luke started talking through mutual friends they have and then he showed up at one of her barrel races. And that was all she wrote!

Brooks is currently in college and studying dental hygiene. Her barrel racing, for the most part, has had to take a backseat due to college but they still enjoy their horses for trail riding and such. They currently have 4 horses – Chief, Dial, Dollar and Teddy. (I was partial to Teddy. I can’t wait for Kelley to meet him.)

Luke and Brooks have been together since February 2016. They are living their life together and planning for the future. So excited to see where life takes them. Young love is sweet, sweet thing.


Now with my love of horses and especially photographing them.. don’t think for a second I didn’t sneak a few in. I did! I’m actually going back to do a photo shoot with the horses and all the animals. It. Will. Be. A. Fun. Time. It is also important to photograph Brooks with Chief – her 22 year old Arabian. (That is Teddy below) Chief is her joy. We will focus on that. Along with their dogs and horses, they also have dairy goats, chickens, etc. But I will talk more about all the animals they have with the next shoot and blog.


Luke & Brooks… thank you.

And by the way, this is an outdoor animal portrait shoot in a nutshell… haha.




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