May Photos

May iPhone Photos



Gonna miss this guy at work.


Cody & I rode out to the see the sign my Daddy and brother Jason made. It has been up for over a year and I actually never seen it after they installed it. We made the metal letters and had them powder-coated. And Jason & Ray did the wood framing. It is so awesome looking.


Everything will be…


Last month was me writing to my SC Senators for more animal stuff. (Or actually in April. Took this photo in May) And it was nice to receive a letter back from one of my Senators… from his office. We disagree on that particular issue and he voted yes. Disappointing. But at least they took the time to send me something back. Much respect.




When Mr. Bartee’s at the shop…


Gus smelling turkey feathers.


Mama and her fresh picked cabbage.


When you dig and find old Buttwipers.


It was a bitch with a capital B. Not the biggest root but 15 minutes later… what a BITCH.


Hoe. Then I broke my hoe.


She always shows up when I’m digging and planting. Black nugget.


Gus after getting groomed in town!


Asked Cody to write all the addresses on all the graduation announcements I sent out for him. I did ask. And he gladly did it. I didn’t expect any different.


“I had to come back to remember the joy and the pain. And if it’s alright with you before I get back on the train… I just wanna see Montgomery in the rain.” NO LIE, that is playing as I upload this photo. Haha. Hank Jr. please.


Doh! Stop. It.


Why that boy telling me to hush?!?


Big brother throws a rock. Little brother throws a rock… too.


The boyz.


Must be at my favorite antique store in the world.


Y’all the Magnolia blooms are BOOMIN’ right now. I can’t stand it. I have taken like 587 photos of them all around here. They. Make. Me. So. Happy.


Look at them.


Camper reading material. Good material.




I shared another photo from this concert on my Instagram. I still stand by it. Just wanna be Morgane Stapleton for one day.


Well apparently someone has a rad girlfriend that gives him rad presents for his birthday. 46.


So fantastic – Sam and all his awards. So very proud of him. He had straight A’s and a few other things. And Jasey was putting on lip gloss during the awards ceremony. So proud, so proud.


Boone Effin North Carolina.


Okay. Only one reason I took this photo. Jasey.


And he’s off….


The gift that keeps on giving. Mama’s Day.


So I took a selfie. Okay. Whatever. But I had a reason and a point to make. And I took the picture to tweet to CNN’s Jake Tapper – one of the worlds most recognized journalist, anchor… political correspondent. You name it. But this awesome shirt Kelley picked out for me in Boone. He said found you the perfect shirt. Kelley bought the CNN hat for himself when we took a tour of CNN in Atlanta back in 2015. (which is a great tour) But “for some reason” he gave me the hat a few months ago. *eye roll* Anyways, I tweeted it to Jake. And damn if he didn’t respond back to me. With a sweet tweet. And of course I got a ton of responses back since he has over a million followers. Most were kind. A few were jack-legs. I don’t watch much TV let alone the news but if I’m going to watch the news… I like him. CNN is the ONLY news I’ve ever watched in 20+ years. But high-five to a great tee! SO ME. Southern woman with a open mind, loving heart and independent damn brain. And don’t you forget it.


Don’t ever eat these. I didn’t say don’t buy them. Just don’t eat them. Or don’t eat the blue ones. They completely soak your mouth in blue. Hahaha.


We had us a damn party.


Chimney Rock, USA.


I see a theme here.


I really like these flowers. I got them on May 18 and currently still have them. I have to throw one of them out tomorrow finally. Just take care of them. Fresh cut flowers can last longer than a week if taken care of. Re-cut the ends, wash the sludge off the bottom…. fresh water and any kind of plant “food” you have. And I ALWAYS use the plant food that comes with any store-bought bouquets.


About them straight A’s. Took the kid out to eat and little shopping.


Doh! So damn adorable.


Okay. So my Mama doesn’t ever go clothes shopping. Ever. She prolly hasn’t been to a mall or department store since I was a teenager. Maybe right after I got out of high school. Like I don’t have a memory of the last time she went that kind of shopping. She barely goes out of the town limits to do any kind of shopping… let alone clothes shopping. She just goes to the local thrift store if she needs anything. But she wanted some new pants to wear to Cody’s graduation. So she and I went to the consignment shop in town. And yes, I made her take a photo.


Just gonna leave this here.





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