Hike The South – Crowders Mountain


Crowders Mountain – Kings Mountain, North Carolina


Got that first hike of the year in over the weekend. My best good friend Michelle and I went to Crowders Mountain last Saturday. We picked a perfect day and perfect morning. We left about 8:00 am and Crowders is only 10 minutes from my house. I’ve always said it is so nice to have something so close by. Crowders is a happy place for hikers, climbers, campers and trail runners. Dogs love it too!

Crowders is an old favorite. I first hiked it when I was 18 years old. And I remember that first hike oh so very well. We were excited to go on our first hike of the Spring season. Good for the legs, lungs and soul!


Chelle and I started our hike at 8:55 am. We took the Crowders Trail. It is a very moderate trail and 2.8 miles long. We didn’t see that many people when starting out. We pretty much hiked that first segment by ourselves… which was nice. The morning temps were awesome too. Really perfect weather for a morning hike in April. I only saw two small areas of wildflowers on the way up and actually all day. I love Mountain Laurel! One of my favorite mountain wildflowers in the Southeast. I was just excited to see any high elevation mountain wildflower on a low elevation mountain terrain.


The Crowders Trail takes you all the way up to the Overlook or the Summit. (I so said the Pinnacle in the video.) The Overlook is where most people hike to. It is a very pretty view. I could see Charlotte on this morning. Some days you’re up there you can’t see Charlotte at all. It was nice seeing people up there. I love seeing people getting outside to enjoy the outdoors and moving their bodies. Best medicine in the world. I saw Gus’s twin up there as well. She looked IDENTICAL to Gus.

“Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

The trail we took also takes you to the famous stairs. Let me pause for a second. Whew. Those stairs are killer. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have gumby legs climbing them. I believe there are 336 steps to the top. Best leg and lung exercise in the world though. Once you get to the top… its worth it. The view is beautiful.

We noticed they have added signs since the last time we have hiked at Crowders. They put them up after 2 deaths in 2014 (climbers) and the horrible death of a woman who fell 150 feet in 2015.



We decided to take trail past the towers to the Rocktop Trail on the way back down the mountain. It is a “strenuous” trail at 1.4 miles. It has several rock ledges you hike over. It also has a few nice scenic views. We really like this trail.


Man, it was a great hike. Again, we had great weather. Just picked a perfect morning to go. It was great to get out and enjoy the outdoors too. We are looking forward to our next hike here pretty soon. Maybe Rainbow Falls near Asheville? Maybe Crabtree Falls? We are looking at several places. We are just blessed to have SO many places to hike around here in the Carolina’s. All within an hour to two hours from where we live.

Here is video I put together from our hike. Filmed with my DSLR and iPhone. Please click HD for the best quality.

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