37 Years Young

“Happy Birthday Shug”

That was the first official Happy Birthday I got last Thursday. From my Daddy. Been Shug all my life… according to Daddy. Very blessed to be on this Earth for 37 years so far. My birthday normally goes under the radar and that’s just how it is. But the ones who mean the most to me… they know the day. My best good friend Michelle followed suit right after Daddy with her yearly Happy Birthday text.

I had a great few days last week though. Starting on my birthday that Thursday and finished up on Sunday. Left feeling blessed.

April is the diamond month. Wink. 

Kelley came over Thursday and I took off work early. Yay! We headed to Charlotte after lunch. Charlotte is a place we don’t go to that often. Charlotte trips have always been for some big event – concert, sports, etc. Occasionally we might go get a bite to eat. On this day, I wanted to go to Ikea. We have been to the one in Charlotte only once. And that one is clearly the closest one to us. There was a drawer unit I had been looking at for 2 years and only Ikea sells it. So Kelley bought it for me for my birthday. Okay, nothing special about this unit. It isn’t made out of wood… no. It is made out of fiberboard, particle board and some kind of hard plastic. I don’t like particle board furniture, etc. aka “put it together yourself bullshit made out of crap material”. I have sworn that kind of stuff off in my house but for whatever reason I really wanted this 9 drawer unit. It is simple and white but I saw the function in it and knew what I wanted to use it for. I’m a organizing geek and this was perfect to go in my small bathroom. I don’t have a lot of stuff like most girls prolly have so everything I own in the beauty/health/grooming department fit in this unit. Awesome! It really is dumb how excited I got putting every item in its place. (And thanks to him for staying up til almost midnight putting it together. LOL!)


I made dinner reservations for us to eat at Nellie’s Southern Kitchen in Belmont, NC. I came across this place last year after seeing friends from Clover who ate there. It looked like a cool place and the menu was right up our alley. I enjoyed my meal from top to bottom. Kelley didn’t care for his much but he got the meatloaf. Meatloaf can be a tough one to get. 50/50 chance it may not be tasteful. People tend to make meatloaf so many different ways. I got the pulled pork along with their two sides – mac & cheese and Dixie slaw. Man, that mac and cheese. We topped off with their banana pudding for dessert. Yes, it was on time.

Nellie’s was very nice inside. I loved the way they had it designed and decorated. Very southern small town and rustic. I loved the cotton stem light fixtures above the bar! (I so forgot to take a photo) Nellie’s is built on southern hospitality and our waitress sure had it. They have songwriter’s night and live music as well. That is always cool in my book. I would go back and eat there again. And hope too!

_D3A1337-2-4K (1)#1_D3A1338-2-4K (1)#1_D3A1341_2-4K_D3A1357_2-4K_D3A1362_2-4K_D3A1366-2-4K_D3A1372-2-4K_D3A1377-2-4K_D3A1370-2-4K

Kelley also spoiled me with some more shopping after dinner. Look, it is fun to get out and do that kind of shopping because normally my shopping consists of buying stuff for my animals, house, yard and groceries. I don’t do the clothes, girly things very often.  My birthday spent with Kelley was a fun time.

IMG_8170 (1)IMG_8207 (2)_D3A1394-2-4K

I didn’t work on Good Friday and I spent most of the day outside working in my yard. It was a beautiful day! Gorgeous weather and all. Got a lot done.

I started off Saturday with a hike at Crowders Mountain with my best good friend Michelle. But that has its own blog. Read here. 

Followed up the morning hike with our Easter lunch at Daddy and Mama’s. Mama cooked tons of food of course. We had a nice spread for a Saturday lunch. I noticed she had a nice spread of dessert too. It felt like a Thanksgiving dessert spread. Lawd Mama! Gatherings with family are always nice and when I say family I always mean and will always mean – Daddy, Mama, Gus, my brother Jason, his girlfriend Lacey and his crew of Cody, Kristopher, Jasey, Reece and Sam, my brother Jon and his wife Jennifer with their duo of Ethan and Emma. Michelle ate with us too! But she is family anyways. Has been since I was 8 years old! (Kelley was racing.)


We hid Easter eggs for Sam and Jasey. Mama dyed eggs for them. She also did plastic eggs and filled them with some coin. I believe they found all the eggs but one. Gus found that one Sunday night! Heehee. I gave the boys their Easter buckets from me and so did Mama. Nothing crazy. Just simple. They enjoyed both buckets. I see some kids getting expensive things and all this stuff… like it is Christmas morning. Mama got Jasey a plastic recorder from the dollar store and he played that thing for the rest of the day and the next day at my house. Prolly playing it right now as I type. If you don’t have a plastic recorder in your childhood at least once… you ain’t doing childhood right.


The boys came over to my house after our Easter lunch. This Aunt needed a good weekend of Sam and Jasey. Jasey is at that age that I LOVE. I mean absolutely love. I loved when Cody Ray was this same age. That 2/3 year old stage is the best. They are learning so much at that age. Talking at all times. Just watching them do things is fascinating to me. And they are so funny at this age too. Jasey cracks me up. He gets so serious about things. He holds his own to his big brother and he loves BUGS! This kid can’t get enough bugs in his life. He loves being outside and in the dirt. You can always catch him chasing some lizard or frog… trying to catch it. He has a few bug containers to put his “new friends” in.

Be Someone’s Crazy Aunt!

We had a good weekend together. Lots of badminton and football for Sam and I. He is about the only one who will get out in the yard and play sports with me. Everyone else sucks! We even got a few nosebleeds over the weekend. Jasey had a gnarly one. I looked over and his face and shirt looked like a murder crime scene. He was standing there looking at me like ummm, I have blood everywhere. He never cried and whined. I said “did you whack yourself in the face with the racket?” He said “yes”. Lord, kid. It was a pretty good nosebleed. Shout stain removal coming up! Jasey knocked Sam in the nose the next morning as well. Another nosebleed but not as bad as Jasey’s. I should have taken a photo of Jasey’s. Ha, ha. No, really I should have.

_D3A1636-2-5K_D3A1658-2-5K_D3A1676-2-5K_D3A1698-2-5K_D3A1716_2-5K_D3A1801-2-5K_D3A1741-2-5K_D3A1814-2-5K_D3A1747_2-5KSnapseed (1)-5K

I got up Sunday morning and cooked pancakes and eggs for the boys. I put Ernest Goes To Camp (childhood favorite) in to watch but they weren’t paying attention. So I said… fine, we are watching The Wizard of Oz and they totally tuned in. Sam said “I hope this movie isn’t all black and white.” *Snort* I need to show him some good black and white movies to appreciate them. I had a good time with the boys. They keep me energetic. They are just growing on me as each week passes.


Turning 37 was wonderful. When you make great memories and attach them to turning another year older… it is special.



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