March Photos

March iPhone Photos

IMG_7638 (1)

Emmer and VC.

IMG_7624 (1)IMG_7641 (1)

When you live alone, no one to share all those pancakes with. Haha. They either go to waste or you have them for the next three meals. Next time I made them… it was different.

IMG_7652 (1)

This is about the only way my Mama sees my photographs. Either I make these books for her or make prints and canvases. She has never used a computer… let alone a smartphone.

IMG_6331 (1)IMG_6343IMG_6337 (1)

Speaking of Mama. (And she made me a pot of Shamrock)

IMG_7632 (1)IMG_7620

I love going on walks with Gus. This time of year is the best. Two separate walks we went on last month.

IMG_7645 (1)

Same ole, same ole. Hearts.

IMG_7642 (1)

I like to listen to music via my TV when I clean. Looking up and seeing this is Heaven. (My all-time favorite song.)

IMG_7633 (1)IMG_7634 (1)

One of those walks… Mama came with us. I was in search of turkey feathers. I found only one. Gus found the honey hole like a week later though.

IMG_7735IMG_7649 (1)IMG_6980 (1)

Mags! She is my gardening buddy. She loves to sun. She always hangs out right near me. She is so chill. But she has to investigate everything first.

IMG_7627 (1)


IMG_7626 (1)

Hi there!

IMG_7628 (1)

Talk about chill.

IMG_7622 (1)

Oh my gosh… he is so cute.

IMG_7631 (1)

Mama broke ground and made herself a new garden.

IMG_7460 (1)

Oh, I’m sorry. They are all gone now. Yep.. you guessed it. MISSISSIPPI MUD BROWNIES.

IMG_7636 (1)IMG_7637 (1)

I had to take all my mowers & weed-eater to get fixed and serviced last month. Gotta have them all fresh to kick off the new season. Stayed local. Terry has a great business of his own now. Great business… even greater guy.

IMG_7640 (1)

Well that’s a great line-up.

IMG_7629 (1)

Michelle’s phone when I call her. Haha. MERLE!

IMG_7647 (1)IMG_7625 (1)IMG_7644 (1)IMG_7623 (1)IMG_7653IMG_7646 (1)

Well, it is clear that tulips were the flower of the month for March in my house. Ha! I did add my two favorite flowers together though. Gah. I love sunflowers. Happiness.

IMG_7651 (1)

Wassup girl.

IMG_7648 (1)

Weeding 101.

IMG_7630 (1)

Boy… it was a good day for literature at my mailbox that day!

IMG_7635 (1)

Um, this is cute. But will be really cute when Cody is like 30 years old. Haha. He loves the little ones. We loved our sweet visitor that day.


Chloe doing Chloe things.


Ella! My neighbors dog. She is SO SO beautiful. I’m trying to get her to be my friend. LOL!


All the pretty flowers.

IMG_6905 (1)


IMG_7141 (1)

Home Town is great! Just when you thought HGTV could only give us Chip & JoJo and their romance. We get Ben and Erin too! Me likey, me likey.


March… you was good girl. (I make my Mama a calendar each year and give it to her for Christmas. These were her wildflowers she planted last year.)

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