Georgia On Our Minds


Nine years. We celebrated nine years together on February 11th. And we celebrated the whole weekend in Southeast Georgia… Coastal GA. Georgia is always wonderful. Yes, I’m bias. I was born there. I’m from there. All the way from South Georgia. But have you seen it? ESPECIALLY the coast.

Coastal Georgia is a FINE place. 

We originally were going to take the camper and the dogs to our other favorite place – East Tennessee for 3 days but changed our minds the week before we left. (We tend to do that with travel it seems. Oh well. Makes it exciting.) I haven’t been to the Brunswick area in the last few years. We use to go every year but we were always at the race track. I believe there was only once we actually went out to adventure and we made a trip to St. Simons Island Lighthouse.

We booked a nice camp spot at a RV campground in Brunswick. The weather was AMAZING all weekend. 70 degrees and then some. But lets be honest, we haven’t had a true winter here in the South… yet. I mean we had those 2 or 3 days where we had “snow” but other than that when has it been really cold? Not never. I can’t speak for any other Southern state but South Carolina has been spoiled this winter and has had many sunny weekends. I keep thinking we are about to get smacked in the mouth with some cold stuff though. Anyways, it was great to spend our anniversary weekend with awesome weather.

Sunshine and Spanish moss… swoon. 

I believe my favorite thing about South Georgia is the Spanish moss. (I lie. I love many things about South Georgia) It is such a Southern staple… yes but it is gorgeous to me. I walked around on Jekyll Island in the historic district to admire and photograph some of that gorgeous Spanish moss.


One of our missions when we travel is to find the local BBQ. My partner is a BBQ fanatic and I’m right there with him. You can never have enough BBQ. It is different every place you go. Of course he had the spot picked out that we were going to try before we even left. We take our local eats pretty seriously. Kelley found this place on St. Simons Island called Southern Soul Barbeque. We had lunch there on Saturday. The place was rockin’ and rollin’. Clearly a popular place for locals and visitors. We met up  with our friend from back home – Kyle. He was in town with his friend Bob.

Barbecue is always on time. Different styles, different regions. 

The food was amazing! The conversation was just as good. It was good to sit and grub with Kyle and Bob. We talked MUSIC which is always a plus. I got the brisket plate with their cole slaw which was smoked. Yum! So the BBQ Tour continues. Thanks Southern Soul Barbeque in St. Simons Island, Georgia.


I visited St. Simons Island back in 2009. The visit was mainly to see the lighthouse that day. St. Simons was a pleasant day trip two weekends ago. People were out and about but wasn’t overly crowded. Again, the weather was super nice so families taking advantage of that and people just enjoying the outdoors… and ice cream. After a walk to the beach and pier, we strolled though the town. I did some window shopping and real shopping. My friend Kyle had told me about a little corner vintage store (Moondance) that he had went in earlier that day. He said they had some great vinyl and music prints. I dug through many cool records but bought nothing. Some were quite pricey. I assume they must be proud of those records. Clearly. I found a Percy Sledge record I REALLY WANTED but that $50 price tag had me like WHOA! I did find me a neat Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles concert print. Sweet purchase! (Faithful listener of both)

St. Simons had some really cute and neat stores to browse through. I was looking for a local print of St. Simons to frame for my home but I never really found what I was looking for. I did come across some really cool starfish. I settled for those. My home is filled with things I buy when I travel vs things bought in mainstream retail stores. It truly makes my home… my home. It is my own style and it truly reminds me of where I’ve been. Where we have been.


Our first night at the Golden Isles we went on Jekyll Island for dinner. I found a place called Jekyll Market. It has 3 different eating places, local vendors, gourmet items, fresh produce, fresh cut meats and a sweet shop . I wanted to try the Love Shack. It was good. We got Wild Georgia shrimp. I haven’t had shrimp in awhile. And they were some pretty big ones. I tend to normally only get seafood meals when I’m at the coast vs eating back home at any public restaurants. Just something about it. Maybe a word called FRESH.

Beachtown, USA!

The market had a cool store area to browse around in. Ya know me! I love looking at local items. I picked up a few small local knick-knacks. I’m always looking for my Mama something. I got her a cookbook of course. It was called Moon River And Magnolias. She loves to get local cookbooks from the area I’m in. And so do I! Some of the best recipes come from small town folks. I also found a candle company that I follow on Instagram as well – Southern Firefly. They are proudly Southern based and made in Nashville, Tennessee. I think they have the coolest candles but decided not to get one. While I do believe their product is worth every penny, I just couldn’t fork over that coin this time around. Maybe next time! But it was still cool to see their line of candles (or some of them) finally in person. Before we left, we grabbed two slices of cake from the Hibiscus Cafe. Also caught a magical sunset leaving Jekyll. The kind where you pull over.


Saturday evening we made our way back to Jekyll Island and headed to Driftwood Beach. I wanted to be there as the sun went down. Driftwood is a quaint and beautiful beach as well as a pet friendly one. It is considered one of America’s most romantic beaches. There wasn’t many people out walking. Only a few fishing and a few riding horses. I like my beaches like that – next to nobody. I love quiet and peaceful.

Sunsets, horses and beautiful landscapes. Say yes to Driftwood Beach.

The ancient driftwood is gorgeous and all the trees along the sand as well. Driftwood Beach is a photographer’s dream world. I even took my film camera and shot some black and white photographs of the driftwood. It is a gorgeous place to have portraits done or just shoot the beauty of the beach. Or both! The sun was beautiful going down with the Sidney Lanier Bridge in the background.


Our weekend spent in the Golden Isles was a good one. Celebrating 9 years together is beautiful on its own. Merle and Maggie enjoyed themselves. We saw great friends and enjoyed good eats. We added another state that we have taken Traveler. (our camper) Enjoyed the beautiful outdoors and scenery of Coastal Georgia. That part Georgia is just special. From Tybee Island to Savannah and on down to the Golden Isles. Just a gorgeous part of Georgia and The South.

Georgia. Georgia. The whole day through…

Looking forward to planning a trip to Cumberland Island. It is just right south of Jekyll Island. That is the place I’ve spoke of often. It is Georgia’s largest barrier island and where the horses are. Ready to go explore and go camping on the island. So excited. A little geek’d up even.




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