January Photos

January iPhone Photos


Free fresh flowers from our local grocery store. Ya just gotta be there at the perfect time when the man is changing out the old flowers with the new. These lasted me over 2 weeks.


Merle’s first snow.


Got myself a real planner this year. I’m bias. I think it is so cool.


It’s my sister state. I love it so.

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I have been finding all these items I get when we travel and putting them into their own neat boxes. And I came across this. I got this while in Atlanta – July 2015. Thought it was very fitting in times like these.


Hey Buddy.


He is almost holding that ball the correct way. As in, the way a holder does in football.


When you walk in and see this. You quietly just stand there for about 2 minutes.


Something must have been interesting for PawPaw and Gus to come to the window.


This youngin’ loves to go to his Mimi’s. Why? Well many reasons but I believe because of things like this. She takes him outside. She teaches him things. She shows him things. She lets him help her. I totally get it. I’ve had her for 36 years.


My mornings are beautiful.


He always tries to take his favorite pink volleyball outside and I tell him no. Okay. Whatever.

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New member to the Williams family. Cody Ray got himself a Nova to join his Nali.


This year was the earliest I’ve taken my Christmas tree and decor down. Like took it down in December. (but I had to for house work reasons) But I did leave the front porch dressings out til the normal time in January. I kept it simple this year.


Me and Mama sat one day looking at some of her old recipes. This was my Great-Grandmother’s Brunswick Stew… and of course her hand-writing. These pieces of delicate papers are priceless to me. I’m blessed to have a few myself.


Talk about those mornings. I guess she might be getting lazier in her older days. She is SO lazy in the mornings now.


Jasey got himself a haircut. His first haircut.


And the kid loves stickers right now.



My gosh. The daily love I feel. I’m not worthy.


I had my metal letters sign for the office. But I think this one might be better.


Wood, metal and rust. It’s great trio.


Throw me some peace boy. And some of that wood to stack.






So we all got our new iPhone’s back in late August of last year. Of course my Daddy replaced his old iPhone Plus with the newest one. I’ve always giggled at them because of them being bigger. He has had one because of.. you guessed – SO HE CAN SEE IT. But also because he has big ole fingers. My brother and I just stuck with the regular model. So I was reading a photographer’s blog a few weeks back and she did a blog on this new portrait mode found in the new iPhone Plus. She shot a picture with her DSLR camera and then shot with the iP7 Plus in portrait mode. It was amazing. So of course the next day I HOGGED my Daddy’s camera. LOL! I went a little crazy. It is very neat how good the DOF and bokeh is when you take a photo in that mode. Just crazy since it is a cell phone camera. You’re the real MVP Apple.


Processed with VSCO with m4 preset



It’s been a rough few days around here. Starting this past Saturday night. But that first photo is Shooter on the way to his yearly vet visit but this time we had some blood work done. (That showed he has a thyroid problem. That I am now treating) He is not a fan of going. But he did a little better on the last two trips. That is him with our favorite Dr. Ashley. She is so good with him and all the animals. The third photo is a trip back to the Dr. Ashley.. just this week. That is Shooter with tech Alex. He rocks too. But as you can see his hair was shaved on his butt. It is a good thing you can’t see why. Because it is NASTY and even worse as I type this. To keep it short – it is an abscess. And yes it busted over the weekend. And yes it was big. I have other photos I could have posted in between that one and the last one. But they are sad. You see Shooter took a bad turn Sunday night and to be honest.. I thought I was going to lose him. Part of that was fear because I didn’t know exactly what was going on with him as he lay in the floor in front of me and the other part is just being so emotionally tied to him. You can’t play it cool when it is your own. Least I didn’t. I WAS A UGLY WRECK. Again, to make it short.. he currently has a stomach ulcer. A bleeding one. And to be frank but not funny, I cleaned up a murder scene at my house Monday night over and over. It. Was. Bad. I will spare you the photos. But that last photo was him yesterday after work. We went outside to sit on a blanket for about 30 minutes. So he could get some fresh air (the weather was awesome) and for his stomach medicine to kick in before he got his meal. He is doing well as of right now. The throwing up blood stopped by Tuesday morning. I took him off all medicines except the stomach pill and the antibiotic for the abscess. His pee and poop are still a little off but the ulcer has caused that. But he will be back at the Vet for the abscess (the hole has grown. Oh. It is crazy sick) and to have a check-up because of the ulcer. My poor boy. He went all in and went hard. Hit him all at once. I know I won’t be ready or prepared for when it is his time. But for now, I’m keeping him close and loved. Giving him the best life I possibly can in his latter years. He will be 12 in June. And I can promise it feels like I’ve had him for 2 or 3 decades. My first. My bud.


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