Merry Southern Christmas ’16

Christmas 2016

This past month was a memorable one. And another WARM 70-something-degree-Christmas. Hence, Southern in the title. (I read the best meme – ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house… the A/C was running cause we live in the South. Haha.) The holidays are always a good time.. right? I think for most it is. The best part for me this year was having 2 weeks off from work. Wait. WHAT? YES. That. Our last day of work was December 16 and we didn’t go back til January 3rd. It was great. Really great. We have never shut the company down like that since… well never.

So I had on my notepad and in my brain to do many things. Read my new books, watch movies – old and new, bake, cook, online shopping (for, family time, friend date, not wake up by the alarm clock, a few home projects, some cleaning and organizing, listen to TONS of Christmas music… and so on. But my favorite part was hanging with my animals each day. I think they really liked having me around. They actually slept in as well. I normally don’t sleep late… even on the weekends. The latest I do is 7 am.. if that. Even on vacation. I just can’t lay in the bed. Time is wasted. But normally Shooter wakes me up either way. But even he slept in. They were these little lazy asses each morning. It was great!

A lot went on in the month of December. I didn’t have to do much Christmas shopping since Kelley and I no longer buy for each other. And not for that to sound negative but we rather travel. But we do stocking stuffers though. Those are and will always be fun. We don’t buy for each other within my family anymore either. There are 6 grandkids and we just decided spending the day together and having a good meal was good enough. My parents, of course, still give their traditional $20 with some snacks or candy to everyone though. I do buy for my parents though. I mean.. they do so much for everyone throughout the year. I enjoy shopping for them. So really them, Katie and my pets  is the only shopping I do. Katie is now a teenager so her wants are more simpler. Wait, that didn’t make sense. Teenager? Simpler? I guess what I mean is she doesn’t ask for anything. She doesn’t want for a lot of things. She is pretty basic. She loves her books and reading. She loves her art and drawing. That sums her up. I love it.

I got caught up on all my photographs from 2016. All photos shot with DSLR camera and iPhone camera. Videos too. I wasn’t that behind but got everything in their folders, backed up on external hard drive and everything loaded to their galleries on my website. I do have several videos waiting in the chute to put together. Just a mix of things from 2016. I’m still working on my Wyoming video. I’m not one who can sit at a computer for more than an hour and find enjoyment. Not unless it is Youtube. Ha! (True though) I go as long as it is fun and then I’m done. I just have a lot of content from that trip. A LOT. I’m getting there though. I have wasted time on making it though. Not cool, not cool. (But speaking of Wyoming, I think we are headed back to Wyoming again this year and adding South Dakota to the trip too. O.M.G. That is the plan.. so far.)

Christmas with the family was great. It was fun seeing Sam and Jasey Christmas morning again since they are the only ones left who believe in the spirit of Saint Nick. Jasey was way more active this go-around. Last Christmas and being a year younger, he just wasn’t into it as much. Katie got all her art and electronic stuff to keep at her Daddy’s house. She has all those things now but only at her Mama’s house. So it was good to see her get all that. It makes her happy and its really fun to watch her draw on it. Katie is beyond talented. It amazes me over and over. Always will.

We ate good this holiday season. This time of year I don’t really care about what I’m eating and watching what I eat. I don’t over do it. But I enjoy all the good holiday eats since we only get them once a year. I don’t eat out much so enjoyed eating out a few times during Christmas.

New Year’s was nothing to write home about. Kelley worked on NY’s. I stayed home with my doggies and Chloe Rae and ordered a pizza. (Fun fact – I have never ordered a pizza to my home in all these years.) Last year we spent New Year’s in Nashville. Had a blast. Would love to do that again and we have talked about doing that again. Small part of me would love to be in New York City come New Year’s. Whoa!

But anyways, December was fantastic. Great. Excellent. Enjoyed it with the ones I love.

Here are some photographs to enjoy. I will post my video later.


Shooter and peace. I love that boy.


A great lunch at the Station town. KT got them Chicken & Dumplings


One of my favorite things from Christmas was my wreath I got from the Christmas tree farm where we got our tree at. I LOVED IT. It was just simply perfect. I normally buy live wreaths locally but this was was from the North Carolina mountains and gorgeous. Swoon.


I really wanted to wrap him up. He is so cute.


Took off one night to Concord, North Carolina to the speedway to see the lights – Speedway Christmas. It is really pretty. We went several years back when KT was a little smaller. They had Frozen playing on the big screen. (I still haven’t ever seen that movie yet.) Stopped in at the Texas Roadhouse for some grub.


Don’t you love holiday movies too? I get geek’d up each year. I always take my movies and sit them out. Love Actually, The Holiday, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story and Polar Express are the favs. I try to add to the stash each year. So many great movies out there. I pull out my books too. In case the littles one want to hear a story. Sam was the only one this year who wanted to hear a story. I read “Santa Is Coming To The Carolina’s” to him.


Speaking of movies, I did add “a few” to my collection over the holidays. Yikes! Now, Forrest Gump is in my top 5 favorite films and I have owned it on DVD all these years but it got borrowed several months ago and didn’t get returned. Bummer. I HAD to have it on hand. It’s just a must. The Bucket List was the first movie Kelley and I ever went to see together.. our first date actually. (Coming up on 9 years) I’m a super huge Kevin Costner fan. Hatfields & McCoys is so, so good. Had to have a copy of it too. So picked up a few of his. I’m not sure why I didn’t have Home Alone 2 on DVD. Some of those other classic movies I’ve seen throughout my life but wanted on DVD. Sully and Gone Girl are the two newest movies. Sully was excellent. I recommend it. I haven’t watched Gone Girl yet. By the way, Sully and Joey & Rory were the only DVD’s I paid full price for. All my DVD’s come used off Ebay or from the $3 shelf at Walmart. Yes, they actually have really good cheap DVD’s now on shelves instead of digging in a big bin for movies you don’t want. Haha. Then even have some great ones (& new movies) for $5/6 too. Speakin’ of Joey, I will speak of To Joey With Love in another blog. Okay, I will shut up about movies now. (Sorry, big film nerd. I got rid of cable a year ago and it was the best decision ever. So movies are a must!)


I had photos ordered for Christmas so I could put them on my fireplace. The canvas was originally a Polaroid. Taken when we lived in Albany, Georgia. Same for the other photograph. I scanned a ton of old photographs a long time ago and found a few Christmas ones and ordered some for me and my family. Fun to put out at Christmas.


KT and I in our Junk Gyspy tees! They rock. “Happy Campy Christmas”. They looked good with Traveler.


Seriously, one of the best moments of Christmas for me. Emma Grace GOT HER FIRST SADDLE!! Oh gosh, HAPPINESS! Her smile is genuine. She LOVES it. I’m just so happy for her. Emma loves what she does and boy so do I. My favorite cowgirl. I need a better phrase.. than “makes me beyond proud”.


Don’t ask. I don’t know. It’s just a doughnut. I never eat doughnuts anymore so I was like a kid to get this one! It’s beautiful. It was yummy.


So if you didn’t know.. well I’m a Christmas ornament hoarder and collector. Every place I travel to, I get an ornament. I have ornaments of things I love too. My collection of ornaments is wild. But I love it so. My tree is never “a theme” or style. I just cover it with things that are awesome and real. I literally could write a blog just about my ornaments. The first one is from when I went to Nashville last Christmas. The next two from the Wyoming trip. The Polaroid one is a new one to add to the other 4 camera ornaments I have. And the camper! Oh that camper. So simple and cute. And made out of felt. It was made locally in North Carolina. Marilyn… I’ve had for several years but she was so pretty hanging there. And the last one is from Shutterfly. The other side had a photo from Wyoming on it. Now like I’ve stated before, I never use Shutterfly for prints.  Been there, done that. Quality wasn’t good to me. But when they do their sales and codes for their gifts… I jump on them. They have the cutest things. I promise. (Plus, they give so much money to Ellen’s show for everyday and deserving people… so I love supporting ones who support others.)


KT on Christmas. All the things me and her Daddy got her. Yes, I AM THAT PERSON WHO MAKES A PERSON POSE WITH THEIR GIFTS. I EVEN DO THIS WITH ADULTS.


Heehee, Jasey and that finger. Went to see the boys the night before Christmas. Walked in when they were in the tub getting all fresh, clean and PJ ready. They were excited and wide open. This was their Mama letting them pick one present from the tree. If you saw my Instagram video story, you saw Sam got a robe and his reaction was priceless.


Christmas morning. Hurry Daddy. Blow my ball up.


Christmas at Daddy and Mama’s. His bun/ponytail. Someone is always putting one in his hair. Haha. But no more, little stud got his first haircut last week! He looks so different but oh so damn cute. I will have to share photos soon.


Oh yes, my babies are spoiled each Christmas. You ain’t surprised are you? The doggies get all into their gifts. Chloe is like.. ummm, can I get back to my nap? KT and I dumped all her stuff out on the bed. She didn’t care that much. Lol!



A little light decor. I bought twinkling lights last Christmas at Target. I got color and white. I used the color ones on my outdoor plants last year. Used them indoors this year. The color ones are way brighter than the photograph shows. I used the white ones in my bedroom. It was super pretty.


No light but the Christmas lights on. So love my Mama’s tree. I swore I was going to do color this year and I thought I had enough color lights to do it and I didn’t. So stayed with white. I think color is the best. Everyone does white and it’s pretty. But color is Christmas to me. Traditional. Takes me back to my yesteryears. It’s colorful.


Pioneer Woman’s soup in her bowls and on her plates. Lol. Ummm, guess I like Ree. The recipe was delicious too.


Shooter, lol! Really just another pretty sight. Watching my dogs sleep. My furry loves.


Speaking of love, these two. Cody Ray with his Christmas love on Christmas Day.


My old fireplace. My whole living room is about to get a makeover. A well, overdue makeover. So it was nice to dress up the fireplace area one more time. All the Christmas red and green feels. Oh and thumbs up to my Daddy for the stocking holder to the left. Target had this exact one for sell and I wanted it. It was perfect for the stockings for the animals. But it was sold out online and not available in the stores around here. So Pops made me one!


And the family. We did our own Christmas photos. But then again, we do each year. Tripod, great camera.. all you need! Happy holidays from us.

Hope your Christmas and New Years was a good one!


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