September Photos


September iPhone Photos


Mama’s sweet potato is SOOOO pretty. Mine crawls and spreads too. But nothing like this.


When you go to the grocery store to get almond milk, chicken and a few other items.. you pick up a few mums too. (2 for $10!)


Mama’s front porch. Always on time.


Cody Ray.


Mama and me went diggin’ through the clearance racks at Lowe’s. I found several mums where the blooms hadn’t even opened yet. Still green too. Win!


One of the prettiest sights in all of college football. Kidd Brewer Stadium. Boone, North Carolina.


Yuck. The nastiness of what it looks like after sanding your ceilings after you remove the popcorn ceiling in your living room.


My little board in my camper. That is me as a youngin’ (holding Chippy) in my Papa’s RV. We went a lot of places in that RV from campgrounds around South Georgia to Panama City Beach in Florida.


Camping with Merle.


Laurel Creek in Boone, North Carolina.


High Country apples.


One of my favorite antique stores – maybe not his. Lol. Appalachian Antique Mall in Boone. I could spend all day there.


Our Daily Bread. Good place to eat in Downtown Boone.




These two. So cute and always together.


That’s a mammoth for my office! Planted a late garden for fall pickin’s at Mama’s.


I NEVER hire or have someone do work at my house or in my yard. Never, ever. I do everything by myself. But a friend came over and cleared out the back behind the barn. It was a mess. (Should have posted a before photo) Lots of vine and ivy. It was one of the many things on my to-do my list. But so refreshing I can check it off. He did a great job. Ready to sand, clean up and paint the barn now! (And he didn’t want to be paid either. Good guy.)

img_7936iqrb2879img_7942img_7881Nothing like spending the last day of September at the fair. Cleveland County Fair is always a favorite ’round here. Loved spending it with my boys – Sam and Jasey. Jasey loved the big rides and big lights.

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