August Photos

August iPhone Photos


They are so cute.


PawPaw got Jasey some Lincoln Logs and Mama bought him some plastic horses, etc to go along with them.


One of my favorite things I brought back from Wyoming. I got myself one and this is the one I gave Emma for her birthday.


Clover Blue Eagles – Friday night lights. (We are currently 3-0 too!)


Daddy’s work on display in town.


Mama requested one thing while I was in Wyoming. A local cookbook, not a Wyoming one. A LOCAL one. Looked around and asked everyone. Finally found one in Cody. A local Cody Cowboy cookbook. She loves it.


Lazy Sunday at Aunt Alison’s and watching Stranger Things. Thanks to Samuel… I’m a fan. Can’t wait til Season 2.


Cody and his Nali.


My two favorites in Kentucky.


VC and gang loaded up and headed back home after a great night of barrel racing.


Handsome dude.


That time of year!


Got to go explore this old building (with Daddy in town) owned by a friend of ours. He is selling it and has “junk” aka gems behind that door. We picked up a few things that day. Lots of goods in there. I’m in love with the door!!



One thing we picked up was an old small metal drawer cabinet and it was filled with these slides. I was in HEAVEN. The guy who owned these use to be a photographer. He had all kinds of slides of many different things. So neat.


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