Southern Summer Vol. 3

Figured I needed to do a flower photo blog before Summer is officially over. My last photo blog was a Spring one and so much has been planted and has grown since then. Summer has been a typical Summer in South Carolina. HOT. Things are starting to fade out around here. Some of that is because the heat has just beat it up… no matter how much you water. But it soon will be time for mums, cabbage and other fall plants too.

Last weekend, I cut back a lot of my Summer plants and flowers. (perennials) The rest I just pulled up and dumped.. or saved the seed. I will clean some more beds this weekend. And then start thinking of where I want to plant mums, etc in the ground.


Typical look around here in the Spring and early Summer. Or heck, anytime. Love to pot!


I think I may have posted one of these in the last blog. But I really LOVED these shade impatiens. I have two that I hung from my trees. They STILL have blooms on them. They did so well for me this Summer.


All three planters above were clearance items from Lowe’s. Got them all three early on. I have NEVER bought a ready-made arrangement from no where. Ever. They are too expensive. But all these were $5 and $3. Score! And have lasted me all summer. It is amazing to me what they put on the clearance rack at our Lowe’s. Some stuff.. I get it. But these didn’t even have dead spots or bad places. Had blooms waiting to bloom.


My faithful caladiums.





I love the fresh bed look after you clean it out and lay out new straw or mulch. Or in this case.. both! And of course new plants.. along with old plants and new flowers. It always has that clean and vibrant look.


One thing I didn’t do this Summer for the first time in a long time…. a garden. I planted one mater plant and one pepper plant. And that’s it!




Okay, technically not my flowers. Lol. But these were the 4th of July flowers I got for my kitchen table and I just thought they were so, so pretty. So I had to bring them outside to photograph them. Inside didn’t do that color justice. Especially that blue.



The change. Spreadin’ and a growin’.  One can never lose with sweet potato vine.


I planted two of these this year instead of one like I normally do. And for the life of me, I can’t think what the name of it is as I type this. I do this each time on this plant. But I love it. I LOVE the color. I’m gonna try to save it and keep it for next year. Last time I tried, it didn’t come back. But I have had it to come back before.


Had to start getting it ready around here for college football season last weekend. Smiles.




And this is what I planted in my rock bed this time. My favorite summertime flower. I can’t stand it. They drive me happy. Planted a bed of Sunflowers for the Fall too. Can’t wait to see that. Stay tuned.


Can’t talk about the Summer and the South without showing a June bug!


Took one last photograph of my back-porch area because this will all soon be gone. I love my new backdoor by the way. My friend Ashley came over back in the Spring and we put it up. I got rid of the sturdy glass storm door to replace it with a screen door. Lol. Can’t help it. They are my favorite. That screech and slam is the best sound ever.

Here’s to another great Summer!





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