July Photos – Wyoming Style

Okay. Now more July photos but ones I took with the phone in Wyoming. I mean c’mon. I have enough of those to do 5 blogs. So of course I have to do a separate blog from the others.


Sitting at the airport in Atlanta and just watching her create. I still stay so fascinated with what she does. So talented.


My first flight. And the first photo I took out the window. Yes, I took tons out the window.. in the plane but this was the first one. Hello Hot Atlanta.


When you reserved and paid for the smallest and cheapest rental Enterprise had but they didn’t have your car ready… They say surprise! Pick what is left out here. You better believe I said the 4 x 4 Jeep. That actual vehicle is the one I wanted for this trip but couldn’t make sense of fitting that into my budget. We were blessed!! It rocked.


My lord. I love you.


When you finally “make Cheyenne”…


Long live cowgirls.


Somewhere outside of Cheyenne. Still can’t pinpoint what this flower is called. I’ve researched a few that it could be. Reminds of a sunflower and a black-eyed Susan. (which is one of their main flowers) I’m just going with it’s their sunflower.


Standing in LeDoux’s boot imprints.


Thanks Greybull, Wyoming. Left our autographs.


Mr. Steve was the best. Best guide and man ever.


When you see those tiny itty bitty specks also known as wild mustangs….


She was a beauty. The door to The Ranger.


All the good stuff.


Skipping rocks at Slyvan Lake in Yellowstone.


Poo on the phones and GPS.


Somewhere in Yellowstone.


Good eats at Pahaska Tepee in Cody, Wyoming.


He stops anywhere I want.


Speaking of. Always somewhere to stop to spend 3 minutes or 20 minutes.


Just playing around with those different filters in the phone when I took this in Yellowstone.


Wapiti, Wyoming.


I want this. “Coming Through The Rye”. I have always said I wanted a bronze for my home. Never had any kind of expensive art. This would be my first purchase.


That ole gal.


Never been a selfie phone taker. It’s a rarity! But that Wyoming sunlight pouring through the top of the Jeep. It was great. And taking the roof out was killer for me – taking photographs of the wildlife.


Again, I want.


Buffalo Bill!


Again, I want.



Last meal in Wyoming. And Kel cooked it! It was yummy.


One of my HIGHLIGHTS of this trip. Meeting this one. Annie McHale. We stopped in the Walmart in Cody to get a few things. And as we were leaving the parking lot, Kelley pointed out her decal on her car. I said OMG, I know what that is. I know that group! And of course that was proceeded of me saying turn around and let’s go find her. We did. And she and I had the BEST conversation ever. She is a wild horse lover and supporter too. We talked many things including Cloud. Who is in that photo above. Cloud was last seen in November 2015. Really sad. I was hoping to see him while I was at Pryor but we didn’t. They all really believe he has passed on. He has lived his last few years as a bachelor. But he lived a happy life and a pretty long one too. I was so happy to meet her. She told me to look her up on Facebook and I did. We have since communicated. It is so nice meeting someone in Wyoming that I can keep in contact with. And our love for wild horses is the bonus.




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