Happy Birthday Samuel & Jasey

Happy, Happy Birthday Sam & Jasey!

Sam – July 14

Jasey – July 12

Jasey celebrated his birthday yesterday and Sam celebrates his tomorrow. So tonight I write their b-day blog. We celebrated their birthday two weeks ago at their house with a super fun party with the whole family and close friends. But this week they celebrate their special day way off in the beautiful Caribbean somewhere. My sweet boys are being little sun-kissed skin, sandy feet, Caribbean boys for 7 days. We haven’t been able to talk to them because of no cell phone service… so I can’t wait to hear all about their trip when they get home and see all the photos and videos Daddy & Mama took! (And see all the cool outfits their Aunt Alison got them to wear.)

But back to their birthday party. It was a fantastic day. They had all their little buddies over. All their cousins too. We had a sunny day and the boys had ice cream cake. (Samuel request) Nothing fancy. No special theme. No decor. Just a big-ass water slide and F.U.N. It’s all you need.

Listen, Mama gets cool points for renting this.


Gah, that thing was pretty sweet. And let me tell you, she got her moneys worth. Kids slid on it ALL DAY. It’s a slide made for kids and adults.







Jasey wasn’t a big fan of the slide. He went down one time with his Daddy (I got that on video) and that was it for him! But he enjoyed the pool part.







Ethan love his little cousin. So much.








Lord, I remember when Cody Ray turned 2 and his birthday party back then. Now he all cuddled up on the couch with his girl. Haha.

I love seeing the boys happy. Birthday parties are always a good example of happiness. I love them more than life – my Samuel and Jasey Williams. They (and the others) have given me a joy that I can’t get anywhere else or with anyone else. I’m so forever grateful to be their Aunt.

Happy Birthday boys…

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