June Photos

I try to take my big camera with me as much as possible. Had it on me today. Just never know. I photograph my family as much as possible. I photograph my parents as much as possible. I’m ripping out images daily just to put away for another day… another time down the road.  But there are days I don’t have it of course. But I always or normally have the camera on the iPhone. So it shouldn’t be news that I take a LOT of photos and video on it.

It is sad how many I empty from my phone every other day… weekly to my computer and then transfer to an online gallery to my website. Sad how many images I have of my animals and we’re only in July. Haha. But hey… I love photographs. I love to document. I like having certain moments saved forever.

While I don’t share a whole lot of photographs online because I no longer use Facebook and rarely share on Twitter. I try to use Instagram but apparently I don’t use it enough either. But I try! I don’t have any other social media outlet.

So I decided I should take some of these iPhone images I take and post a monthly photo blog of some of my favs from that month. I don’t edit photos aka I don’t own/use Lightroom or PS for photographs I shoot with my DSLR camera. But I do use a editing photo app on iPhone images or some of them. I have always used Pic-Tap-Go (mainly for the crop for IG) and there is only one “filter” I use from it on my iPhone images – Skinny Jeans.

June ’16…


KT’s work…


When little Jasey comes to hang out at the office with me and I let him watch Bob The Builder… but it lasted 15 seconds because he rather go play with real tools in the shop. Smart kid.


Mama and her frozen bananas. So good. When your nanners start going bad, cut them up and freeze them.


Saw this wild flower in Tennessee and was determined to find out what it is called.  Still haven’t figured it out. I see these around here in the Carolina’s too.


I stock up on fresh picked Magnolia blooms while they are in bloom. Sweetest smell in the world.


So in love with the American Flag. Prettiest of all.


Planter for work.


I was putting together stuff for the Wyoming trip and my buddy passed out on me.


When Jasey dropped off his ducks to me.


Mama showing me her newest plant she potted. The Hummingbird plant (what we call it). She tossed the old one out last year in the woods and it came back. So she potted it.


It’s no secret I’m in love with Joanna Gaines. This sign was from Season Two. It was my favorite she had. She no longer sells it though. So I asked my Daddy to make me one. I hung it up outside my bedroom. What it means to me is just what it says. I’m so bad about getting stressed or anxious about not getting everything done on my list each day. I stay so busy and like to be. I like this reminder at the end of the day.


Lazy asses.


My dogs. All three of them. Even when I shut a door on them… they are still there waiting on me.


I love this child more than life. So yes she can draw on me at Texas Roadhouse.


Sweet bottle caps.


The best view coming home.

IMG_1268 (1)-X3

It is the photograph that made really fall in love with photography. Cody Ray as a baby. Not even a year old yet. NOTHING will ever compare to black and white film.


Clover, South Carolina. Good eats in the country.


I have decided I’m buying me a taller ladder than what I have. I borrowed this one from my Daddy to wash the camper a few weeks ago. Totally need it. Totally can see over my house. Haha.


And finally… work day, us and Gus.

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