Southern Spring Vol.2

May 26, 2016

Sitting here at work. Already ate my chicken, yogurt and guzzled down a bottle of water. So why not “write” a quick blog?  More green thumb photos from this Spring I’ve taken along the way. Might be the last Spring blog I make about my flowers since June 20th will be here before you know it! (First day of Summer) But I may have one more Spring blog in me before then.


“Honeysuckle in the air.” Favorite year after year. And to me a Southern staple.



Green thumbs love hard rains. We had a good one on this day. Second or third one we have had in the last month.






Lots of color! From Gerber daisies to petunias.




Been really big on shade plants this year. So more shade impatiens and coleus to add to what I already got earlier in the Spring.


Elephant ears are finally up here in this spot and another spot in the yard. And they have spread! The more the merrier.


The banana tree Mama gave me. Growing along. There was one actually planted in this same spot back MANY years ago. It grew TALL. But Hurricane Hugo took it down. So THAT should tell you how long it has been since one has been planted there.


Another little shade planter. I buy almost all my planters aka buckets and pails at Tractor Supply. I love the galvanized look anyways. I pay the same price (or sometimes cheaper) for a “feed/water bucket” than I would for a plastic pot that will fade and crack within a year or two. I also get the metal buckets that are suppose to be for cold drinks that Walmart puts out each Spring. Normally in the backyard/BBQ/picnic area. They work great too!


These were volunteers from a LONG time ago. They come back each Spring. But this year I have been keeping them watered daily than I normally would do. (They’ve hung around longer) I love my rabbit ears. They are so pretty to me.


My seeds are coming along. Can’t wait to take photos of them when they bloom. Hint – ONE OF MY FAVORITE FLOWERS. And one I plant each year. And the one dream I always say I have – to own one of these on a farm one day. So people can come and buy fresh cut flowers. So duh… at this point.


The butterfly bush is growing. Kept it trimmed back and now sprucing out for the Spring. These things get huge with time. The goal is to have it much bigger and bring out the… you guessed it… butterflies.


I saw my first humming bird over the weekend and then another this week. Mama and me love hummingbirds. And you know I have only photographed them like one time in my life. I didn’t see very many last Summer but they may also come around when I’m not home. A lot of the times when I do see them, I sometimes don’t have my camera nearby.


I love potting!

Stay tuned for more….


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