Southern Spring

Oh happy Spring. I actually started a Spring blog back on March 20… official first day of Spring. But it has sat in my draft folder on here and I never got around to finishing it. So starting this new one.

While Spring arrived on March 20, it was here in the South before then. Well it felt like it was already here. I have been doing yard work, cleaning up/out and things since February. We were having great weather back then and it has continued. I have put a LOT of hours in since late February. The continuing seasons of me enjoying putting the green thumb to work. And yet, I have still have a LONG list of things to do, create and plant. But like I always say, to really love gardening you have to put in the work almost daily. What it takes. Mama says it too. Early morning rises outside watering to that last minute weeding pulling right before sunset. I truly love it.

So. What I have documented thus far between my camera and iPhone camera. Join me.


Tools. I have a red bucket of tools. Grab and go. I have already thrown those yellows gloves away. Wore holes in them. Workin’ on my second pair already. Green pair will be a RIP before too long. I keep stock in gloves.


The colors of Spring back in March. One of my favorite flowers. They come and go. First cut flowers of the Spring season.


The pretty pink of the crab-apple tree. It still glows pink each March/April. Old thing.


The first haul to Lowe’s for flowers. Mainly annuals for planters and a few shade plants for the ground.


The third or fourth haul to Lowe’s. I can’t remember. What else does one spend their gift card on that has been living forever in their wallet?! Well, I know what I do! All kinds of goodies above. Shade stuff! Annuals, perennials. Boston fern and Mama gave me a banana tree. Haven’t planted any of if yet. Just got it over the weekend. EEEK! Can’t wait. We had a KILLER rain last night and a little today. Ground is READY.


The sweetest neighbor ever. And a kid ( along with her brothers ) I take care of. She just fit the part with that dirty face while I planted.


I love them. Have no idea if they love me. But I feed them and give them water. So just maybe…


Speaking of the birds, one must clean all their houses come Spring.


Decided to put seed in my rock bed this year instead of annual flowers. We shall wait and see what I planted.

Yikes! The rain, thunder and lightning is back! Pretty rough outside. I have more to post but let me turn this iMac off. I don’t use it when it is lightning and when the wind is blowing hard.

Happy first day of May!!!


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