Welcome Merle

“I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs. But I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”

As my story always goes when I get a new fur baby, I wasn’t looking for a pet or him… but he found me. All my pets have that story.

A week and one day ago, I welcomed a new member home to my family. Meet Merle….


(and yes I named him Merle before The Hag died)

He is a PISTOL! Hilarious little thing. Smaller than Maggie. So cute. SO CUTE. Adorable. So much energy. Makes us laugh. Maggie and him play a lot. Or he plays with her more. I wondered how they would be. I knew Maggie wouldn’t have issue with him because other dogs don’t appeal to her. But she has been playing with him. They are fun to watch.

“You can always find hope in a dogs eyes.”

I went to the local shelter on Monday April 4, 2016 to see him. I got in his kennel with him. He was shaking so, so bad. He was back in the corner and growled at me. I was in the kennel about 45 seconds when I told the lady I wanted him. She was like wow most people don’t adopt a dog if they can’t touch them or interact with them. I didn’t need this dog to do that with me. He needed me and I needed him. The end.


So how did it come about? I got a text earlier that day from a close friend. The text was this photo…


She got it from Facebook and said this dog made me think of you. Immediately I went to check this dog out myself because I knew this dog had to have Pug in him. I read he was prolly a year old. Calm, sweet…. Pug/Pekingese mix. PUG!?!? Is this another chance to get myself another Pug… I thought? Everyone knows about my Maggie and how I also had another Pug (Millie) growing up. I love them. Best doggies ever. I was like OMG, what am I doing?! I have Shooter, Maggie and Chloe. Do I need to add another to the mix? WHY YES I DO!

“My dog is everything.”

I called the shelter right away because this shelter is a first come, first serve one. They said “Sampson” was still there. And the next thing you know I was paying $77 to adopt Sampson. They had gotten MANY calls for him that day. His photo on Facebook got a lot of attention. Many comments, many likes and shares. Several wanting to go get him. He arrived at the shelter the Friday before and was put up for adoption Monday.





Now this is the same shelter I got Shooter from in December 2005. On that day Mama and me were in York and we decided to go by the shelter just to look at the animals. That’s all. No intentions of getting any animal or wanting an animal. I hadn’t had any other dog up to that point since Millie passed on. But when we come around the corner and I saw this chocolate lab… game over. There sit “Bubba” with his sister Harley in a kennel. I had this love and obsession for chocolate labs that started in high school. I told Mama I wanted him. I remember her saying “you don’t need a dog.” I was like sure I do. She said “you can’t take him away from his sister either.” (Luckily she got adopted the next day) Moments later I was in the front office paying for “Bubba” aka Shooter. Bubba was the name the shelter gave him.

“Money can buy a lot of things. But it doesn’t wiggle its butt everytime you come in the door.”

Three days later, I went back to get him and he has been my love since. So here I was over 10 years later back at the shelter giving another a dog a forever home. (I hadn’t been back to that shelter since I walked out with Shooter that day) The reason I also consider even adopting a dog from my local shelter is because it is a kill shelter. If those dogs or cats don’t get adopted out in so many days, they are put to sleep.

A few months ago I was online looking at adoption agencies trying to find a German Short-Haired Pointer. I found a few that were being fostered by some awesome people. I even started filling out the form online for one that I found in North Carolina. But when I got done, it was around $400 to get this dog. WTF? I have this thing about buying dogs. It rubs me the wrong way. Just me personally. I don’t care what anyone else does.  All four of my pets needed a home and they got one. They needed care and love. They got it. That $400.. I felt like I was buying from a breeder. No, no, no. Give me the animal that needs a home. That is at risk of being harmed. At risk of being put down. Give me the one no one wants anymore. Give me the stray. Those are my pets. I didn’t feel bad about not proceeding with the GSP adoption because that feller was in a loving home.

“Life is great. Dogs make it better.”

Shooter, my old man, would have been killed if no one got him. I got him. His adoption was $60. That covered his surgery (neuter), exam, shots, tests and chip. I can’t imagine my life without him. I will never forget walking in that shelter that day. And leaving with him.

Maggie needed a home because her folks were going into assisted living and they couldn’t have pets. Find her home within 48 hours or take her to a shelter or wherever Monday morning. She was free, fixed and well loved. AND SHE WAS A PUG. It was like my youth all over again. Thanks to Brandy Davis for making that Facebook post that day. It was fate. Maggie May stole my heart on June 11, 2011.

Chloe was a stray that ended up with the Dr. at our Vet. She took her in and cared for her. She became the office mascot. We saw her at one of Maggie’s visits and I was like she looks like Smokey. Just like her. Dr. Ashley said you can have her for free. She has been fixed and has her shots. Well.. aight! They clearly would have kept her if I didn’t get her back then but they wanted to give her a home too. Up to that point, the vet was her only home. Chloe is Miss Independent. And boy, she gives all the boys a fit. Haha.

And then there is Merle, my latest “rescue” “shelter” pup. Thanks to Amy Clapp for texting me that day… just because! His adoption was $77. That also covered the same things as Shooter. He came out the door a different dog that day than the one I “met” in the kennel just days earlier. Thanks to Michelle for being a part of his new journey too.

“At the end of the day, if you smell like a dog. It was a good day.”

I believe in adopting from shelters, especially kill shelters. Giving animals a second chance. Merle rocks. Coolest dog ever. He was a owner surrender. I will never know why. I will never know his backstory. Maybe it is a sad one, maybe there was a valid reason… maybe it would make me mad. But it isn’t a story I’m suppose to know. He gets to start a new one here with us.



Don’t forget the shelter doggies. There is nothing wrong with them. It isn’t their fault they ended up there.

I had a emotional, sad week and don’t think for one second that my black nugget didn’t climb in my lap and sniff my tears away. She did. She always does. Merle sat nearby. ❤

Welcome home Merle… welcome home.

“When you adopt a shelter pet, you save two lives. The one who adopts and the one who takes its place.”


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