Carolina Coastal Adventure

I guess I love the coast any time of the year. I really do. Just like the mountains. My soul is well with both. The beach is more than just getting a tan for me. I actually do the exact opposite when I go. (I actually don’t tan on purpose – quit that in my mid 20’s. I want to look my age. LOL!)

We spent 4 days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last week. Kelley had his EMS Symposium there. I actually went to this with him in 2008 (the first year we started dating) and we had a really fun trip back then. Lot of great memories. So I haven’t been to MB since then. It is no secret I’m not the hugest fan of MB. It has changed so much and I like more peaceful, adventurous places anyways. I just like going to Charleston and Folly Beach in South Carolina and the OBX of North Carolina for coastal trips. Either way, blessed to live so close to the coast.

But any opportunity to get out and travel, to make memories.. to adventure.. I’m down. No matter where it is. Plus with our Traveler (camper) now… I get super excited. So we took Traveler for this trip and we camped on the oceanfront. It was exactly 1:00 minute on the dot walking to the beach. I timed it. I did. Haha. I woke up every morning before sunrise and got my camera and my dog.. and headed to the beach. The second morning… we actually ran to the beach. Prolly the fastest I’ve seen Maggie run. She was excited and clearly knew where we were headed. She knew the path and literally led the way. I love beach time with her and watching her. Maggie actually ran towards the water this time. It was so cute. I believe she had a really great time on this trip.

I uploaded my photographs from this trip Sunday night to their online gallery and was looking at them tonight. Thought to blog a few. Nothing special. But it was a truly relaxing, comfy, sunny, blue sky fantastic trip. (and any time I can get caught up reading my books – thumbs up!) Plus the weather was pretty awesome. And I ate crab legs. II1A5882-X3

Nothing represents South Carolina any better.


Nothing on “the strip” is appealing to me at all anymore but this place still rocks. (This and Skee Ball.)


Maggie May’s sandy feet.


Maggie May in the early morning and mid-day. Being still for her Mama so I can take her photo.


Doggy paw prints in the sand are the best.



I go sea-shelling on any beach.. anytime. One of my favorite things to do. I keep a jar of shells from different trips.


Sea suds. Dreamy.






iPhone images up ahead…



All for the baby.


WRITE. My travel journal. The sun was nice too.


We’re dorks. Or maybe I am.



Funny story about that tee. I bought this tee 3 days after Valentine’s last year. Kel got me the EXACT tee THIS year for Valentine’s. Haha. Not sure how he didn’t know I had it since I’m the biggest dork Fixer Upper – Magnolia Mom – Magnolia Market – Joanna Gaines fan in the world. I love this tee!  (And I now have two – COWABUNGA!) And I love shiplap! Look forward to having it up in my house!!!

Good ol’ Myrtle Beach… thanks.


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