Nashville NYE 2016

“Country music is three chords and the truth.” My favorite quote and something I type and use a LOT. Said by the late great Harlan Howard. (One of the greatest American songwriters in music)

I fell in love with Nashville before I ever went to Nashville. I always KNEW it was a town made just for me. I was officially introduced in 1998 (I had just turned 18) and that was all she wrote. I went to Nashville instead of going to grad week at the beach with my friends. Yeah, true story. Partying could wait. Nashville with my Mama couldn’t! And yes, I go for the music… COUNTRY music but there is the food, sights and history too. I’ve always said I should have been a country music historian… like have that job. LOL! I love it so. There is a lot to learn, see and discover in Nashville. And each time I have been… I’ve done all three. I will keep doing that. I mean I have been to the Country Music Hall of Fame three times. Baha. Some say that is nothing but tourist stuff. WRONG. Horse-shit wrong. If you are a country music fan or even just a music fan… you will go at least once. Country music is so rooted and so rich with history. A great place to soak a lot in.

So we decided back in the Fall to go to Nash for New Years. I have NEVER been anywhere for New Years Eve. I (and we) normally stay home or stay very low-key. But with the announcement of the Bash On Broadway concert line-up and seeing Chris Stapleton on the list… SOLD! We hadn’t long come off a September trip to Nashville too. So I was pretty happy about getting back.

Photograph time! I randomly picked some. I dare not post every one I take. What a bore that would be but this was an extremely awesome trip.

But first here is the video I made two weeks ago…

(Click HD for best quality)


First time staying at a hotel in Nashville with a view of downtown. It was nice waking up to this and going to sleep to this.

The main part of this trip was the Jack Daniel’s Bash on Broadway on New Years Eve. Kings of Leon, Chris Stapleton and others performed downtown. I won’t say much about this because I don’t like to be negative and you won’t see me share any photos. Chris Stapleton was the ONLY thing great about this part of the event. Let’s just say…. I know NOW what not to do next time we go.

We stayed at a really cool hotel. A very country music oriented hotel. Geek’d out. I mean walk in our room and I have Loretta above my bed and Roy was above Kel’s bed. I mean.. seriously? Loretta. They must have known I was coming. (And no, we didn’t sleep in separate beds)


New place we ate at. It was wonderful. The Row Kitchen & Pun on Lyle Ave. Want to go back. Great live music too.


Had a nice breakfast at the local and popular Nashville staple – The Pancake Pantry. There was a line, like usual, but since we were a party of two… we didn’t have to wait. Kelley’s awesome plate above.

I went to Studio B back in 1998. But decided on this trip I wanted to do the tour from the CMHoF. If you don’t know much about the historic RCA Studio’s in Nashville…especially studio B… not sure what to say. Again, I’m a music nerd and history geek so it is a place I beyond appreciate. Our guide (AND I FORGOT HER NAME.) was the BEST ever. I’m seriously going back and if she is doing tours that day… I’m going again. LOL! I was honestly lost in her stories and love for music that I honestly didn’t document like I wished I would have. But sometimes you are lost in the moment and a camera isn’t needed.


This might be the dumbest or weirdest photograph I’ve ever posted? Well I did take this one after being in the main part of Studio B. Elvis stood right there and recorded “Are You Lonesome Tonight”. No big deal. None at all. That song is actually playing as I type. So most, I would hope, have heard that song. Our lady told the most amazing story about the recording of that song. And I can promise you I have never noticed the little noise at the end of the song. I notice it now! There is a reason for it. Must go check out the tour and hear it. That studio is amazing. The original piano is still in that room. EVERYONE played on that piano… including Elvis. It has never left that room in all these years. Studio B is badass. Nothing more.

My girls…. Connie guitar and Ran’s famous shotgun mic stand.

I was happy Trisha’s exhibit was still on while we were there. I had really wanted to see it.  Look at that wedding dress and then her after the wedding dress.





Haha, I think I have taken a photograph of almost every HoF plaque in the course of three trips to the CMHoF. So cheesy. Minnie’s is a favorite. She is the only one who doesn’t have a death date. Mrs. Cannon always said she wanted her character Minnie Pearl to live forever. So that is why.


Again, like I said on my Instagram a few weeks back…. not worried about country music.


While I took soda out of my daily intake two years ago…when I see Coke in a bottle and my taste buds start going crazy… I want a Coke in a glass bottle. You just don’t see them in singles a lot. I’m American gal. Coke is classic and American.

I found White’s Mercantile! A store I have had my list for 2 years to go to. Owned by singer-songwriter Holly Williams. But it was closed for the holidays. We kinda just came up on it really. So I now know where it is. Also saw another place I was familiar with and knew was in Nashville, Reese Whiterspoon’s new place – Draper James. That whole area was a part of Nashville I hadn’t really been to – the 12 South.


Another thing I wanted to do on this trip was go pay my respects to Mr. George Jones and others. Nancy did a wonderful job with his final resting place. It is something to honor him but also something for fans to come by and visit. I love his neighbor and good friend Johnny Paycheck nearby. It is very well known fact when Paycheck passed way, George got that burial plot above for him. Double Trouble together again.

Spent a little time here. Paid my respects to Tammy Wynette, Lynn Anderson, Jerry Reed, Little Jimmy Dickens, Porter Wagoner, Webb Pierce, Marty Robbins and others. I won’t share photos because I’m not feeling it. But I was walking around in my own world and came up on Mr. Dobie Gray. Boy, what a singer. Gimme the beat boys…



Willie’s place rocked! The bottom photo is such a photographer moment. I have seen all but one of those photos many times and was nice to learn who the photographer was.


Cowabunga! I finally got to all the “I Believe In Nashville” murals. The wonderful works of DCXV/Adrien Saporiti. The bottom one is the original mural. I went to the middle one back in September 2015. Murals is another thing I love about Nashville. Only fitting for the town full of art and music. I have several I have been to and photographed but several still await me!


Me love you Music City! Thanks for another grand ole time! See you again in 2016!


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