Carolina Christmas 2015

Christmas! It’s January. But I never did post my Christmas blog. It is still on the list so… check. I don’t care anyways. We (I don’t) rush Christmas these day anyways. It now starts in October. So surely showing a little Christmas in January is okay too.

I swore I was going to do a normal photo blog but changed my mind and threw together a video that I made in less than an hour. Haha. No, I’m not a professional videographer. I have raw footage and enjoy filming. My little videos are just something for me to have. To save.

Christmas was great this year. We had a very warm holiday – sleeveless shirts and shorts. I enjoyed spending Christmas morning at my brother Jason and Lacey’s new house. I haven’t had a “Santa morning” in awhile because the older kids haven’t had one of those in a long time. So it was really fun. Jasey didn’t really get into presents from Santa. Maybe next year. There was three things he enjoyed – his little drill, his new blue shoes and his fruit roll-up. That made him a happy little boy on Christmas morning.

We made two deals this Christmas – Mama wouldn’t cook a big spread and no buying of gifts for each other between my family and both of my brother’s families. We stuck with the latter but Mama halfway kept up the meal deal. Even though we decided fried chicken and pizza (which we got locally), she still HAD to make things to go with them. Heehee.

I enjoyed the no presents deal. Kelley and I also decided no gift giving between the two of us too. Only for KT. (We rather spend money on traveling) I only bought for my parents – which they deserve the moon and stars, my animals & Gus, KT and a family here in town who couldn’t afford Christmas. It was nice to spend Christmas with my family and not be about presents. Great for the kids in my family (all 7 of them) to see how blessed they truly already are. Mama still did her tradition though… giving all the kids (big & small) $20 bucks with some snacks. LOL!

Nothing wrong with seeing a little holiday spirit on this cold, southern snow day….

One of my favorite photographs from the holidays. My boy, my boots and a 75/80 degree Christmas Day.

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