Family And Photographs

What is more important?

It’s Sunday morning in Clover, South Carolina and I have my Sunday Down South on WSM playing as usual. I “tried” to sleep in this morning. But 8:00 am is as far as I could get to. I can’t sleep in. My body doesn’t allow it… no matter what day it is nor no matter what time I went to sleep the night before. Plus I have three animals who don’t sleep in either. LOL!

So my weekend has been scanning, saving and transferring old photos. One of those projects on my long list of photo projects that I never allow myself to make time to do. I’ve done it here and there… in short doses. It is hard for me to sit at a computer for more than 30 minutes.  (I truly can’t see how others sit in front of computers. Much less stare at phones) But it is also hard for me sit at a computer when I could be outside or doing home projects or holding my animals or doing a weekend adventure. That is what my mind thinks and feels.

But this gorgeous 70/80 degree December weekend (I have been outside too), I have been taking out all my photos boxes and albums and scanning all kinds of old film photos. I have this beautiful mess around me. I have all our family photos. (Hello I’m a photo hog) We grew up with the majority of these photos. We use to have them in a huge brown cardboard box and a few times out of the year we would take that box out of the closet. We would sit and look at them all. Well several years ago, I transferred most of them to photo albums but I also have many in boxes that have been given to me through the years from both of my Grandmother’s. They knew early on how important photos are for me and would give me some on visits or mail me some here and there. Always been grateful for that. A few of my all-time favorite photos are in my firesafe box.

I have my baby years, childhood, teen and early adults years too. Just sitting. While I hate sitting still, looking at the timeline of my life… our life is pretty awesome.

I bought this scanner a few years ago and it has been getting its work in. I scan (takes a few minutes because I do a large resolution), transfer it to my hard-drive to a folder, upload it in iPhoto so I can crop the blank excess, export it to my external hard-drive and from there to an online gallery. It is a process for one photo! Haha.

Just think.. I have all my old videos (8mm) sitting on stand-by to transfer to digital format. Years and years of videos. Yikes!

But when I have photos like this to preserve forever….


Daddy when he was a little man. Alabama boy. Scan 33

Me playing in the white sands of Panama City Beach in Florida. PCB was our family vacation each year. Our go-to beach trip. (This time of my life is literally the last photos of me that exist in a bathing suit! HAHA. Not kidding)

Scan 17

When we lived in Albany, Georgia and what appears us to be celebrating Jason’s birthday (have to get Mama Jane confirmation) even though the cake is facing Jon! Heehee. After I was born in Moultrie, Georgia.. we moved to Albany, Georgia. I have so, so many memories of Albany. Remember that kitchen well. That table. This is what birthday parties were to me growing up. And still are to me. I still haven’t ever had a birthday party of my own. Not that kind of party. For me it was always Daddy, Mama, my brothers, my Grandparents and a cake. I love that memory. Wish kids still did that.

Scan 30

I’m even scanning some photos from later on. Years shortly after high school and when I first got a “good” film SLR camera. This is Dr. Harrison with me and my cousins – Chip, Denver and Will. He delivered us all. His record of how many babies he delivered was really high. I can’t remember the exact number. I have a newspaper article saved somewhere. He was a wonderful and kind man. It was cool to have him there that day at Papa & Grandmother Williams 50th wedding anniversary party in Moultrie. He has since passed on. I was blessed to see him a few times through the years.

Scan 7


…all the time sitting still… is worth it.

Family photographs are the most important ones! I’m more than a photographer. I document. There is more to this than snapping a photograph. Yes it takes time to organize and get everything completed. But leaving behind these memories and moments for the grandchildren is so very important to me. And in the meantime.. making copies of these photographs for my brothers and I to have NOW… is pretty damn important too.

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