Southern Fall Gold

Well another Fall has come and then.. it has left me again. Today is the first official day of the Christmas season. Christmas starts TODAY (or after work) for me from unpacking holiday decor from storage boxes to pulling out my Christmas CD’s and records. I don’t start one day early . Heck, I’m still looking at trees covered in beautiful vivid gold, yellow and red leaves around here! (Haven’t had a super cold Fall season so far. Awesome)  I just don’t like to feel Christmas til… December. Call me weird? Wait, that is NOT weird.

But that blog is for another day later on. Today’s thoughts and photos are about FALL. The wonderful months of September and October… and maybe a little dose of late August.

No Fall exist without Mums!


II1A0250-X2 (1)




This was my favorite pumpkin out of all the pumpkins I have. I got it in Boone. It was perfect. (And I got that huge pretty yellow mum on the porch above for free for purchasing the pumpkin.)


Most I see have already decorated for Christmas a week ago, two weeks ago or more… and I just put out a new Fall flag last week! LOL! I love this new flag I got from the Our State store.


Every year I say I’m gonna make a magnolia wreath (also a cotton one) and I NEVER do. Been saying it for several years. Finally said.. pffftt. I will just order one. Love this magnolia wreath from the Magnolia Mom/Magnolia Market! (Fixer Upper – Joanna Gaines. Swoon. Season 3 comes on tonight! Eeeekk!)


We have had some beautiful weather on certain days. On this day, Chloe was loving the blue skies and sunshine.. and the cranberry tree.

II1A9999 II1A0025

Gorgeous day with my dear friend Ashley on Agony Acres Farm and all her herd of cattle. Horsey was wanting in on the photos.

II1A9860-X2 II1A9853-X3


Two words – High Country. Three more words – Boone, North Carolina

II1A9894-X3 II1A9906-X3

II1A0008-X3 II1A9962-X3

We also celebrated KT’s 13th birthday in the mountains.

II1A0059-X3 II1A0022-X2




That sweet light and Jasey. One early morning on the way to the baby-sitter’s.


Heehee. Oops. Sweet baby fell down. And then gets up and tells me to come on!

II1A9850 II1A9858

If I could sum up Thanksgiving, it would be the photo below. Ha.

II1A0199  II1A0219 II1A0186

Jasey and his big brother’s truck.


Beautiful Fall Saturday and a great day to have another Yard Sale! And Maggie snoozing in the sun – she found a spot! (3 yard sales in a year and a half. I’m officially DONE for a very long time. Removing shit from your home and life for good.. is refreshing.)


Halloween Day and a wonderful Fall shoot with this bride. Also, her awesome little PAW Patrol Carson joined us.



And the perfect way to end the last Fall weekend , Boone, ASU and Kidd Brewer Stadium. We had a great time with the girls. Enjoyed some good eats and did our annual Christmas tree farm trip.


Miss BK styled my hair and took my “head shots” during the game. Haha, I love her.


My shirt says it all. I live for football in the fall.. and winter. From college to the NFL. Been a sports nut my whole life. It takes priority this time of year. (That is sick… haha) But I truly do love it.. especially College Gameday. There is a passion that just doesn’t exist anywhere else. All for the love of the game.



Gah, it is always just so beautiful every time.


My loves! Happy Fall… til next time!



One thought on “Southern Fall Gold

  1. I love your post!!! I wish we you would blog more. Thanks for your words, your funnies, your time & your pics.
    You rock Miss Ali.

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