Cowboy Take Me Away…

…one of my favorite songs to sing. FAVORITE. Because it is a great song done by a fabulous band.

Took this off a light-pole in Nashville 17 years ago. A prized treasure for me. I was a new DCX fan and their career was still really new and early on. (Hence the free concert)


I was blessed to see them in their “top of the world” career before the country music world decided to give them the big ole ax. I never agreed with their treatment. Not once. Never thought their punishment fit their “crime”. But it showed where we stood as country with freedom of speech. Freedom of speech only works for us when it is something WE believe in. But that doesn’t apply across the board. If we don’t like something someone says… then they should just keep their mouth shut and the fundamentals  for freedom of speech go out the window.  Also goes back to why I don’t vote Democrat or Republican nor am I either and why politics for me… are tough. I believe in a fight but I also believe in harmony and being fair.

So I was a happy gal yesterday when the Dixie Chicks FINALLY announced their American tour. (Getting my tickets as soon as I hit publish) I have never stopped listening to their albums and music. Unfortunately all radio stations in the Carolina’s quit playing their songs many, many years ago. (well the ones near me) Sad. But fortunately for me, I listen to WSM each day of my life… so I get to hear the girls on the radio! (Because 650 AM WSM is the best country radio station ever. Duh)

Their voices, songs and musicianship have been missed. Sorely missed. They are so talented LIVE. They are in my top 5 favorite shows I have seen live too. Chicks Kick Ass.



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