Jasey Is ONE.

“He is the most awesomest person in the world.” said his big brother Sam just now as he sits beside me as I write this blog. Our Jasey turned one today. The past year has been so much fun with him. He is our sweet joy. Sam wants everyone to know he has 4 teeth and will be walking any day now. He is already taking steps. Sam also says Jasey is funny. Jasey is ticklish and loves his baths, (He LOVES water and he will be making his first trip to the OUTER BANKS in a few days. Swoon.)

We celebrated with family and close friends today for his birthday.


Jasey loves his Cody Ray. Handsome boys.


He got lots of fun things but his wagon and go-kart were the best.


“These are all mine y’all. All mine.”


Wagon cruisin’. To the woods we go. Baby boy loves his wagon.


“I’m ONE handsome dude!”


Smash it.


I love you baby boy. Happy big one. Let’s rock it in year #2.


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