Hike The Carolina’s

There is nothing I love more than being outside in nature and the outdoors… especially the mountains.  So I really enjoy hiking. Crowder’s Mountain in Kings Mountain is a mountain I have hiked a few times. It is 15 mins from my house. Always enjoyed something so awesome being so close. GET OUT AND ADVENTURE YOUR AREA. We are blessed with so, so many cool places in the Carolina’s. Anyways, my friend Anthony and I have competed in two 5K’s this year and we are just focused on being active and exercise. I was thinking of other things we could do. So I asked him a few weeks ago if he wanted to go hike Crowder’s and he said yes. I got online and ordered us hydration packs. Meanwhile, found other places to go hiking too. So we went yesterday – Monday May 4th. We had originally planned on going on Sunday but changed it to Monday after my work day was over. It was a gorgeous day to go hike too. Warm but not scorching hot. We had a great time. Burned our muscles, calories, sweated and got a lot of steps in. Hiking is a great workout. I actually prefer it over a 5K. I think I get more from it. I hope I have convinced him of that too! LOL!

But here are some iPhone photos from our hike. Such a beautiful place. When you get to top and see all that beauty and breath in that high mountain air… all the heavy breathing and tired muscles go away.


The nice incline before hitting the stairs (over 300) at the end that takes you to the top of mountain.


We can see the top! The end is near. LOL.


Made it!

 IMG_8420 IMG_8418 IMG_8417  IMG_8407 IMG_8408 IMG_8399      IMG_8415 IMG_8411 IMG_8410IMG_8420IMG_8414 IMG_8396IMG_8398



The squirrel who hung out for a bit. I called him Rambo. Anthony called him Sammy.

IMG_8416 IMG_8404IMG_8401 IMG_8421

One of my favorite things about hiking in the mountains. All the wild flowers. I got to research online to see what these are called. They are so pretty.

Crowder’s Mountain… a good time! We got in about 6.5 miles, 2.5ish  hours and according to my MapMyHike app we burned 1,811 calories but I will go with about 1600 calories. (because I never believe calorie trackers) Can’t wait for the next hike!

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