Spring Green Thumb Vol. 2

Spring has been wonderful so far. I have spent many days outside working in the month of April and many already hours in May. I still have so, so much to do. I really do have a list a mile long. For someone who has been doing yard work and gardening for the spring and summer for over 2 months now.. you think I would be done or close to being done. Uh, no. I still have to decide if I’m using mulch or straw this year for all my beds. I have one more big bed to clean out. I have flowers I still have to plant in the ground and pot. I more to plant in my vegetable and fruit garden. Things just waiting their turn. I’m gone 1o hours a day from home for work 5 days week so I make the best of the 2/3 hours I have each evening after supper and then my Saturday’s and Sunday’s… when I’m not out of town. Like this week (Thurs to Sunday) I will be in SOUTH GEORGIA.. back to my HOME, my FAMILY (excited is only one of the words I am) so I put in many hours over the weekend and will each evening after work this week since I will not have any time this weekend.

So here is the newest update of some plants and flowers – a photo update. I have so much more to shoot pictures of. Some of my perennials are almost done sprouting and some are still coming out. Waiting for them. But wanted to do a quick update since April has come and went and my last blog was in March.

II1A0869II1A0866II1A0856II1A0826II1A0854 II1A0829

Bought me another red “bucket” at Walmart and made another porch planter. Loving all these random planters from daises to pansies. Loving all the colors.


I bought these big beautiful blue pots on clearance last year at Lowe’s. Finally used them. I planted them Sunday and moved them more than once AFTER they were filled with dirt because I couldn’t decided where I wanted them in the yard. (still undecided and gotta watch that the sun does during the day since both pots are shade plants) You could say I got my arm workout in that day.


I cleaned out my other rock bed Sunday and planted new pansies and lantana. I totally just forgot what I planted in the middle! LOL. I wanted a purple and pink theme to go with my turquoise SC sign. I can’t wait til it all grows and spreads.

II1A0831II1A0873II1A0824II1A0848II1A0832II1A0863II1A0211II1A0802II1A0804IMG_2225-X3 IMG_2223-X3IMG_2227-X3

One of my favorite new flowers – African Daisy called “Blue Eyed Beauty”.

II1A0182II1A0479-X2  II1A0459-X3 II1A0450-X3

My ol’ faithful purple Iris’s and sedum.


Strawberries are here! I have many. Can’t wait til that red starts poppin’! I love that it all starts with a little white bloom.

II1A0813 II1A0820II1A0816

Happy about adding new things to my garden this year – honeydew, cinnamon basil and red lettuce.


Mama gave me these cucumber plants. I still have my own to grow as well.


Just a random picture from inside. Gotta shoot the indoor plants and fresh flowers too!


I was working in the yard Saturday morning and I was cleaning out a section of pampas grass, overgrown bushes, weeds and honeysuckle and in the middle of cutting… I found this. The girls had just went inside and I went and got them so they could see. They took pictures and video of course. One baby bird laying with 3 to 4 eggs. The mama was nearby and she was watching me. And she wasn’t happy. I did not touch or get close of course. That is a no-no. I actually covered them up even more than they were.. trying to protect them and keep the sun off them. I left after that and haven’t been back over there. I don’t want them to die or be messed with or for their Mama to get upset. I will continue with my work when the time is right. So, so sweet. I love birds. One of my weekly things I take photos of in the yard. I like to collect bird nests too. My nephew had been over there helping me earlier that morning and he found another nest but empty.

IMG_8144 IMG_8142 IMG_7985

Speakin’ of the kids and yard work… thankful for their help but more happy to have them outside on a gorgeous day.


I always see these girls/women do shopping hauls of their clothes and make-up or some do grocery store hauls of their health food. Well this is my kind of HAUL. My green thumb haul from Sunday morning. LOL!

Be back with volume 3… soon!

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