Spring Green Thumb Vol. 1

Oh, Spring is here. I love you much. A few weeks ago I started getting my yard ready and some of my flower beds ready – cleaning and more cleaning. I enjoy it. Wait, what? No, it’s not work to me. Yeah, it is physical labor but I ENJOY it. Just like photography. Until photography gives me a weekly paycheck like my real job does and I do it like a 9 to 5 job Monday through Friday… it’s not a job. LOL! (still then it would be hard to call it that) I feel the same way about gardening. I enjoy the fruits of my “labor”.  I put in 10ish hours this weekend outside. I have many days/weekends like that through out the year and I feel so energized at the end of the day.

Yard work/gardening is not something you do once or twice. Sorry.. it isn’t. (assuming one is serious about it) It is something that is maintained especially during late Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. And my property isn’t the hugest but I have a lot going out there. LOTS to take on. I got more joy by being outside and this weekend… the sun shined just perfectly on me and the blue sky gave happiness. Daddy asked me why I didn’t go to Tennessee and I told him if I would have…. I would have never gotten so much stuff done. Yes.. it is that important to me. All my “passions” have their own time. Lol.

So this time of year means a lot of cleaning up. Lot of prepping. Trying to figure out what I want that will be new that I will plant by plant, bulb or seed.  All my perennials are coming out the ground or have come completely out, some of my vegetables from previous years are sprouting life, tulips are in bloom and so on. I took a lot of time on my front yard this week and weekend. Six hours of raking Saturday. (calories are burnt and muscles are built doing yard work too.) Trying to separate leaves from limbs too. I have two very old Oak trees in my front yard. They tend to bring messes here in their latter years. I have a mulch mower and I normally mulch everything up. But this time I decided to rake “winter” away. Oak leaves are the devil. I swear they are. So tiny and light. I have a lot of debris from tiny limbs that fall from parts of the tree from being dead or from cold weather hitting it. I got about 75% of it done between earlier this week, yesterday and today. I almost see the finish line. Some images from here recently.

My sweet violas that I planted a year ago. I’m such a fan. They love this time of year. I have them in all shades of purple too. (Duh, I love purple)

IMG_2159 IMG_2161

My first new planter of the year. I look for planters/pots in odd places or not the typical places and always look for them at Goodwill and thrift stores. Oh and people’s curbside junk/trash! Sometimes you hit the jackpot. I do like to look at pretty ones at garden centers or wherever. But they are normally very pricey for something that will get weathered or damaged in time. Every now and then I will get a “fancy” one. But normally I wait until they are on sale or out of season. This red bucket (aka ice bucket) I got in the picnic/summer section of Walmart. I drilled four holes in it today and there is my pretty planter! $8.00 at Walmart. Filled it with variegated grass, dusty miller (I will go to my grave planting it. I swear by it) and pretty purple violas. I think I will go back and get the turquoise bucket. I’m a ham for that color.. heck anything in the blue family.


This is my faithful old freezer drawer I use each year. My pansies came back out and I left them as is for now. I swoon over that color. Gosh.


Again, think outside of the box for planting materials. Small feed bucket for one of my indoor succulents and a hog feed pan to make a variety spread of succulents from the supply store. $2/3 bucks each. Drill some holes and there ya go. I love metal and I dig galvanized coatings on things. New suet for my birds and new seeds for a new garden. (Even though I’m sure I already have these.. oops) But I know I don’t have purple SUNFLOWER seeds. Okay.. purple and one of my FAVORITE flowers. Kill me.


See? Mama and me find different ways to plant things. She got her two feed buckets for her ferns.


Still have Kale growing from what I planted last year. (With a strawberry plant poking its head out) Kale is a pretty plant.


Ignore the surrounding chaos around the tulips, I haven’t tackled this bed yet. Tulips are easily one of my all-time favorites. Always said for something so beautiful and unique looking.. it doesn’t stay around long enough. These are some bulbs I planted a LONG time ago but it is getting to the point they have almost quit growing. Age and prolly the ground getting so hard has done that to them. So I’m gonna dig up what I have after the bloom goes away and plant them in a different location. I said that last year and never did it.


But meanwhile, I went and bought me some new tulips a few weeks ago. Some I’m going to enjoy these in a pot and then transfer them to the ground with the others… I think. I can’t wait until they bloom.


I would be nothing without my wheel barrow. LOL.


Chocolate mint is saying hello again. (With an appearance from my onions) I love this stuff. I need to break it up this year and spread it elsewhere.


Awe Mags! Her and Shooter just sat by the door all weekend and watched me. Chloe Rae sat up in the window and watched since I had it raised. They rock.


That was only round #2.


New thangs. Dirt and such. I love dirt.


And prolly the coolest moment of the weekend, I was in the zone (with Dwight Yoakam blaring in my ears) when I saw a shadow walk up behind me. It was my  neighbor bringing me supper! Goodness…. so sweet! (Sloppy Joes and other good stuff. It was GOOD.) Fantastic ending to a busy, productive weekend. I love this little town.


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