Carolina Christmas

Christmas has come and gone. Always a great holiday and “wonderful time of the year”. I love everything about it. A time when the greatest was born to beautiful sights and sounds. It is a favorite time of year for me to photograph and document too. So much going on. So much around me. The DSLR and iPhone were busy as usual. December is filled with awesome moments and days. I’m grateful and blessed for it all.

Here are some of my photographs. I casually picked several from the tons in the vault.  (A mix of DSLR and iPhone photographs)

We normally head to Christmas Corner Tree Farm in the mountains every weekend following Thanksgiving but I had a scheduled photo shoot that day. (oops!) So we settled for something local. Our special little green gem.


Christmas music is one of my most favorite things about December and the holidays. I start listening to it December 1st and no sooner! Always great to spin one of my Christmas records. I look forward to buying a new Christmas record and CD or two each December. Got some great Christmas music (vinyl & CD’s)… including Jamey Johnson’s new Christmas record. And he autographed it!

_MG_8546-X3 IMG_4582-X2

Oh and then there is decorating for Christmas and December. I have too much shit. LOL! I’m always getting something new, finding something old or using a mix of what I already have. I just enjoy decorating during the different seasons and Christmas is always fun. Some random things around the homestead…









It is no secret I love Christmas tree ornaments. I have been buying them for a lot of years now. I buy them when we travel. I buy them locally. I have homemade ones. I buy ones that are favorite things of mine and us. My travel ones are my favorites. All the places I love. Just a wonderful piece to go on a tree each year. I have way too many ornaments. But it’s all good. I can switch up each year. Just a few I put on the tree this year. (I have way more…) These come from Nashville, NC mountains, Charleston, Washington, DC and Hobby Lobby. LOL.




Marilyn looking out the window…


Always pull out my favorite Christmas movies each year. A must.


Maggie and Grumpy Cat chillin’. (Grumpy Cat was a gift from me to KT. We have enjoyed him.)


Christmas was great with my other family.



And with this guy.. even sweeter. I think he liked the Dalmatian puppy I got him for Christmas. And let’s all take notice of the Nike outfit I got him – First Round Draft Pick. Swoon.

_MG_7313-X3 _MG_7546-X3 _MG_7636-X3_MG_7748-X3

And then the Wrangler booty. My sweet baby boy.


I love this one. Jasey and his Mama. Another outfit I got him. His last day at his other home aka Clover. Moments before he left. He looks like a cuddly baby-doll in the picture. Makes me want to hold and cuddle him. Way too cute. Such perfection.


Christmas Eve Day at my folks. These days are always fun but seem so busy. They seem to go by fast too.


A fantastic night in Downtown Charlotte with friends.  Charlotte is gorgeous at Christmas.

_MG_8660-X3 _MG_8611-X3

 _MG_8683-X2 _MG_8720-X2

I love KT and all her books. I got her several. Santa did too. One of her favorites…


Shouldn’t have to guess whose gifts these are. My horse girl…. Emma.


Pretty sure I get cool Aunt points. Cody Ray got his CB radio he wanted for his truck. And then I had to get him some of MY favorite CD’s. He digs it. He will sound damn good.


My Bay asleep in the early morning. After a great Christmas Eve-Eve night spent with her and KT. We had a blast and they had a great sleepover.


Now some random iPhone photos from Christmas.  Got to spend time with Cam and Benny! That was fun. Sweet ones they are. I love the next photo of Lacey and Jasey because it means so much to me. I took several shots with my big gal camera and my cell phone. You see that rocking chair that she is nursing my nephew in is older than me. It is actually older than Jasey’s Daddy too. We were nursed in that same rocking chair. I rocked my nephews and niece in that same chair as babies. That chair means the world to me. A staple in our family. My favorite Christmas card came from my best good friend Chelle! I love it. ( I got six Christmas cards this year. I think sending cards is dying out. Sad.) Me and my man on Christmas Eve evening. Photo by Miss KT. We cool.

IMG_6028-X2 IMG_5625-X2 IMG_5072-X2 IMG_6217-X2

One of the gifts for my Mama. I made her a calendar of my photos. (That is her Fluffy) I have contemplated doing one of those calendars through the years but never do. That one turned out really nice.


My nest.

IMG_5857-X2 IMG_5885-X2


This is cheesy. I have never been in a Starbucks. Not sure if I have ever seen one. I have NEVER had a Starbucks beverage or coffee. I had to go in one to get a gift card and thought why not. I told ’em.. look never been in here. Don’t know the lingo. I did. LOL! I got a Gingerbread latte. (because I don’t know that other fancy shit) It was good. That’s all. I didn’t get the bug. Sorry.

IMG_5761-X2 IMG_5759-X2

One of those snacks I’m glad is only made around holidays. Kelley’s sausage dip. GOD.


This one.

IMG_5283-X2 IMG_5167-X2

I got her Miranda’s first CD. She didn’t have that one. The look on her face is priceless when she opened it. I should have shared that photo. She called me a few days later to tell me… “Just sitting here painting my nails and listening to my Miranda Lambert CD.” THIS KID. MY WORLD. MY FRIEND. MY BAY. WE BEEN GOING STRONG FOR ELEVEN YEARS.


Bailey and me on a dinner date with Kel and KT.


Me and my lady.


Christmas was awesome. Just awesome. I love having these photographs and memories. I have way more photos and moments but this blog is already so long to scroll through. Haha. Heres to Christmas 2014. Thank you.

Now to work on my best of 2014 blog. Lord.

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