Baby Boy

As I sat last night pondering my Christmas blog and Best of ’14 blog… and I was reminded of what was the best about both.


I laid eyes on him the very first time “in real life” on July 17, 2014.. shortly after 12:00 pm. (I have it on video.) His visit back then was the best. Fantastic. I didn’t see him again until December 11, 2014… shortly after 1:00 pm. His Christmas visit. Even more fantastic.

Jasey is my nephew. He is the 5th grandchild in the family. He lives 900 miles away from me… us. It is hard. I think of him each day. I was fortunate and blessed not to miss out on anything of the other 4 children – 3 nephews, 1 niece. Jasey has been here on this Earth for 6 months. SIX months… that is a long time in baby days. That whole first year is fast and ever-changing. Yeah.. the years after the first year are as well but that first year is like no other. Sucks to be missing it. So as a photographer, it breaks my heart to miss his moments. But as his Aunt… it even breaks harder. I’m very thankful for technology (texts, videos, pictures, etc) but ain’t nothing like the real thing. He grew up so, so, so much between mid July and mid December. If I could get on a plane every weekend to go see him, I would. But I can’t. I get a painful lump in my throat to know that I prolly won’t see him again til the Spring. But then I look up at this picture and I’m just so thankful he is here.. he is ours. Our beautiful Jasey Kole Williams. And I tell ya.. he is the sweetest little thing ever. Gosh… he smiles like there is no tomorrow.

HE is the best thing about Christmas 2014 and the year 2014. I think Jesus won’t mind me saying that.

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