I went to my first series race (over the weekend) at Modoc Speedway for the first time since May 2013. It was a great day and night with ones I haven’t got to spend time with in a very long time. Ol’ racing family.

I’ve always said I’m not a racing photographer… and I’m not. I’m a photographer who goes to races. Now most are serious about cars and racing action while at the races and those who are… do that craft well (hats off) but I like the people and human emotion. I love race cars because I like the sport of racing. But my eyes find and follow other things at a track if I have a camera in hand.

Saturday was no different. I was hooked on Cam. I haven’t seen him in awhile. So it was great to spend time with him. We had great conversations and he loved my Maggie. And Maggie loved him. I knew within the first few minutes of being around him, my story I would be telling that day would mainly be about him and for him.

Little boys sure do love their dirt and racing. And I love to see it. Seeing kids at a dirt rack race and enjoying it is by far one of my most favorite things about the sport. I think most would agree. Kids are the future to everything in this world. Racing is no different.










I’m sure this was one of his favorite moments. Getting suited up with a radio like his Daddy and the guys wear.








Supper time for me and him but listening to the guys talk on the radio was just a tad more important than the hot dog and fries.


This was a moment where as a photographer, on the technical side, I didn’t completely nail it . I was in very low light which is why I shot in black and white. But I also shot in black and white because the moment was raw. Black and white was needed. Also the focus isn’t where I wanted it. I see that now. That’s a moment where I should have focused in manual instead. But this is also a moment where the things happen so fast. It happens fast because this moment is the National Anthem. And I have the most respect for our Anthem. I don’t miss it or not participate. Ever. But I have to break my own rules every now and then to hurry to stop a moment forever. So while technically I didn’t get it 100% correct through my settings like I wanted… I did get it correct on the human emotion side. Here stands a boy who walked down to the fence, stood with his hand over his heart and watched down at his Daddy, who is standing with all the crew on the front stretch.




Thank you Camden Mason for a sweet time.

One thought on “Cam

  1. Thank you for the sweet words and time spent with Cam. He enjoys racing as much as he does time spent with daddy and you captured just that. These are moments that as a mom, you want to remember forever and we can do just that through these photographs. I know Cam will look back at the photos and have a story for each one of them. This is a day that he will never forget, I’m sure.

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