Palmetto City

Charleston! Who doesn’t love Charleston, South Carolina? If you haven’t been there, I’m sorry.  Well it is one of my favorite places… ever. I have been to Charleston several times in my life – childhood and adulthood. I always look forward to a trip to the Low Country. Just like Savannah, Georgia.. this is one of the most romantic, historic, beautiful places in the the South. We are so blessed.

I got to spend three days in Charleston with my boyfriend and doggie. Grand time! You can always look forward to good eats, shopping and sight-seeing. I had Kelley drop me off at Market St. (as he went back to the EMS conference) in downtown Friday, after we had lunch on Folly Beach, and I wandered the city by myself with my camera and wallet for over 4 hours. It was HEAVEN. I had the best time. Also, got to experience downtown for the first time at my own pace and that is a KEY with me being a photographer. Downtown was hopping and full of energy. Weather was cool too. While I worked out at the hotel, my doggies and legs said thank you for Friday too.

The view from the room.  Ripley Light Marina.


Sights and sounds of downtown Charleston on a Thursday night.


There is one requirement and must for me when I go to the Low Country or to the coast in general… She-Crab soup. Lawd!


Folly Beach on a Friday morning. She was calm and sweet. Peaceful.

_MG_2121 _MG_2133 _MG_2165 _MG_2187

Rita’s. A great place to eat in Folly. Our second visit here. Really cool place.


Downtown Folly.

_MG_2258 _MG_2264

Pretty sure this was really good. Wedge salad with blue cheese dressing, goat cheese and bacon. For real. And I didn’t even order it. Kelley did. Now I know next time I go back to Rita’s.


Downtown Charleston. Market Street and all the wonderful surroundings. My photos don’t do it justice and only shows 1/8th of what Downtown Historic Charleston is.. outside of being incredibly gorgeous. I recently got my 17-40mm lens fixed after sitting on a shelf for 4 years. I forgot how awesome it is to photograph buildings with.


Those cobblestone roads. The best ever. Charleston is filled with many. They are just lovely.

_MG_2303 _MG_2311 _MG_2321 _MG_2330 _MG_2341 _MG_2348

One of the most famous spots and one of the most photographed places in Charleston – Rainbow Row. My first visit came here as a child. I never forgot it. I always must go by here. So beautiful. I believe the total of historic houses is 13. They are just a true staple of Charleston and it’s rich history. Those pastel colors too.

_MG_2356 _MG_2367 _MG_2375 _MG_2377 _MG_2378 _MG_2382 _MG_2400 _MG_2404

The best seafood in the South! (well at least in the top 5) Our favorite seafood in Charleston. If you visit Charleston, this place is a must. You can’t find better customer service either. These people that own and run Hyman’s do it with passion and kindness.


Then the shopping adventure starts. Market Street galore. I don’t care about mall shopping or department store shopping for trendy clothes, shoes or purses here at home. I rather save my money and go shopping at a place like Market Street. So I do. I like buying for my home and like buying when I go on trips and out of town. I like having pieces of my life, adventures and my culture and Southern culture in my home for the rest of my life. I was in happiness. Found and bought all kinds of goodies. I love buying from people who are local and from people who make things themselves. Charleston is known for their Sweetgrass baskets. A culture of handwoven baskets coming out of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. A must to read about and the history and the people. I have always watched these women (& men) makes these baskets each time I’ve visited Charleston. This time I told myself I was going to buy one. I finally found one that was in my budget. They are so beautiful. Hand-woven love. The lady I bought it from was so, so sweet. We had a sweet conversation. I also bought some rose crosses from another lady. They are just as delicate and beautiful as the baskets.


Can promise you my barn will have huge lantern lights too. I love this place. We have done a carriage ride from this place before. Twice actually. Not big on carriage rides anymore but I don’t mind them if the weather is cool or it’s done in the Fall, early Winter. Charleston is a great place to do a carriage ride though -either for the romance or the history.. or both. These people take really good care of the horses. They don’t allow rides if they temps going over a certain degree in the summer. They also check their temperature before each ride. They care.


One of my favorite corners in Charleston. I love this wall.

_MG_2427 _MG_2429 _MG_2436

Oh yeah, at Hyman’s Seafood you get to sit where famous people have sat before.


Hyman’s… and this is before the main meal comes. That front plate would be my Wadmalaw Delight I got for free. It was delicious. Fried green maters with creamy grits and Carolina cream sauce, cheese and Cajun seasoning.


A few iPhone photos. I don’t take many. Too focused on the big girl camera.

IMG_9468 IMG_9547 IMG_9549 IMG_9594

Some sweetgrass baskets…



I could stay in Charleston for a week and photograph and explore this beautiful town. And show why people come to Charleston for Southern culture, to get engaged and to get married.

Charleston, South Carolina.. you good girl.

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