The Power of Our Photographs

(this was originally for Facecbook but I removed it last week. I don’t do Facebook anyways. I’m a blogger. And sometimes a writer.. heehee.)
I’ve been a photographer.. well I like to say and think since I was 19 years old. But I was takin’ pictures even in high school with little compact cheap cameras. I think before I realized the word “photographer” and it’s true meaning… I knew I was into documenting my life in different ways. From video to still photos.. to writing in journals and saving mementos. I’m the Queen at it… then and now. I became a paid photographer and doing it on the side in 2008. 

Through the years, I realized how much being a photographer who documents is major for me. I can travel all over this country and shoot amazing things and places, do photo shoots for people and get paid… be part of people’s weddings or their babies but none of that will compare to the photographs I’ve have shot in my own personal life. All those little moments I’ve captured. They are moments that will last forever simply from two tools – my camera and my eyes. 

I will continue to tell future clients, my own close friends and family (while I do shoot for you in this moment and for this moment, no matter if it’s a natural setting or posed settings), I’m truly shooting for your children and your future grandchildren. I care about you but I extremely care about them. They will need something to look back on and know their journey. To know what came before them. These photographs will come if I’m shooting for someone in my family or a dear friend, a wedding I’ve been hired for, portrait shoot or a day in the life shoot. I know I have the power and tools to do it. So I do it and love every second of it. I envy the world, the life and the photos that became before me. It is why I pick my Mama’s brain all the time and make note of a lot of things. 

I’m going through pictures for my latest blog tonight and I came across these photos from October 2011. These were taken in this order.

IMG_2398-X3 IMG_2401-X3 IMG_2402-X3
This is what I’m trying to explain above. Those moments. This was an evening where the world lost the talented and amazing Dan Wheldon. (race car driver/IndyCar) The race in Las Vegas that day was live on the tele and we were all watching it – Daddy, Mama, Kel and me. KT was being KT… and crafty. We went from painting pumpkins on the back porch, had the door open to view the race, to decorating cookies to a tragic race car accident and being in complete shock. Just… like… that. KT paused with us… and was lost in the television set too. 

One thing I’ve learned in my adult years over and over. And was reminded in several photography classes in the last month…is the power of a photograph. An ordinary person can take that kind of photograph with a basic camera or even a cell phone (yes, remember the doggie laying next to his masters casket – the soldier who was killed in combat picture? Cell phone image).. or professional photographer can do it with their $5,000 worth of gear. Your photograph can be perfect technically or the focus or white balance be off. Mine above is about average. Could be better. But that isn’t what strikes me. It was the moment. It is those photographs that trigger a response or emotion that matter… really. Illicit a human response. 

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