September Sun

September means Fall is right around the corner. I love all four seasons. I can find the good and awesome in all four. But if I had to pick just one… Fall seems to get me a little more excited. Fall covers everything from color, sounds, smells, sports, food… festivals, fairs, outdoors and so on. I was looking through so many photographs over the last 7 years. Ones that were taken in the Fall season. I LOVE to shoot in the Fall. 

Time to show what Fall means to me through photographs… and let us get excited about the wonderful season that is almost upon us. Here’s to many great seasons of a wonderful Southern Fall. 

Football. NFL and College… especially college. I LOVE IT. It’s so huge for me. Can’t live without it. This is my home and how we do it. Not a house divided but a house full of love for football. 

IMG_1280-2048x1365IMG_4557-2048x1365 IMG_5499-X3

Fall without pumpkins you say? Ain’t happening. From going to my local pumpkin farm and picking several to letting the kids pick one or two… to decorating them or decorating the front porch and home with them… pumpkins are a MUST. Always. 

IMG_2151#1-X3 IMG_1094-X3 IMG_1103-2048x1365 IMG_9875-2048x1365

The fair! No fall is complete with ’em and the food. Our Cleveland County Fair is tradition and a staple for the Carolina’s. 

DSC_0017#1-X3 DSC_0303#1-2048x1371 DSC_0307#1-2048x1371

For a green thumb like myself, flowers and plants are the best this time of year.  I can’t imagine a Fall in the South without cabbage and mums. Just can’t do it! Those colors. Dreamy. 

IMG_0359-2048x1365 IMG_9939-2048x1365 IMG_9936-2048x1365 IMG_9935-X3 IMG_9878-X3 IMG_1264-2048x1365

You have small town Fall Festivals (like Clover’s below) and The Renaissance Festival. I recommend the Renaissance Festival to anyone. We have been a few times. It’s a great time. 

DSC_0148#1-X3 057-X3 083-2048x1365

Fall brings out the best of food. From fruit, sweets and baked goods. And apples of course…




Be back before ya know it… with new Fall photographs! 



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