Hey Loretta!

The Queen. Okay, there is also Dolly, Tammy, Kitty, Patsy, Connie and so on too. Hell, they are all Queens. Forever. I love them all. But on this night… I love my Loretta. I was so, so excited Loretta was in town. And only 30 mins from me too! I bought my tickets back in the Spring.. as SOON as they want on sale to the public. So a lot of months passed before she finally arrived.

I don’t know if I will ever see her again live. I always feel that as each year passes she will announce her retirement from the road. But at 82 years young, she is still getting’ it! People may assume that her show and band isn’t up to par since it’s not a happening young showcase like everyone else in today’s country music. But I’m here to say…. they have vibrance, excitement, musicianship and showmanship just like anyone today in current music… if not more. They are one unique and talented bunch. And yes Loretta, still sounds amazing live.

The concert was amazing! We had awesome seats. Right in front of the stage. I took my new lens on this night too. So it was fun getting to use it. It’s a lens for portraits but still worked out fine. I’m so happy to have all the photographs from the night. Loretta and her band are wonderful subjects ya know.

Now onto the show… as seen through my photographs.

The Don Gibson Theatre presents Loretta Lynn and The Coal Miners in Shelby, North Carolina on August 21, 2014. 


The Lynns. Or as most know them.. “the twins” – Patsy and Peggy Lynn. I have been a fan of them long before this night. I actually got to meet them in Nashville one time. Always exciting to see them! At least for me it is. I love their singing and their voices.

_MG_3019 _MG_3000

Loretta Webb Lynn…. (She’s a beauty.)




She’s a hoot! One thing I love about her. Always havin’ a good time and interacts with the crowd a lot. Loretta is always cuttin’ up with her band too. Especially Ernest Ray.. her son.

_MG_3119 _MG_3111

Loretta and her rhythm guitarist Bart Hanson. Since it was put on by the Don Gibson Theatre.. they decided out of nowhere (not rehearsed) to sing a Don classic – “Oh, Lonesome Me”. It was grand! Loretta and her band did this several times on this night. Sang songs they haven’t sung in years and nothing was rehearsed. So cool! They didn’t miss a lyric or beat.


Love this moment of Loretta looking at him while he was playing. Mr. Bobby Vogel – band leader and lead guitar.


He also broke into banjo too.


The steel guitar. Oh, how I love you. The one thing lacking today in music. Such a shame. The pedal is sexy. The end.


Speakin’ of Ernest Ray Lynn or “Ernie”… haha, THIS photo. He is a NUT! Mama scolds him several times through the night too. Pretty sure she was anticipating it too! Haha!


This was pretty awesome. Don Gibson’s wife/widow Bobbi was in the audience… front row, center stage to watch Loretta and The Coal Miners play. You could tell how much it touched Loretta too. Very emotional night. If you don’t know who Don Gibson is… best look him up. He is the pen to some of the best country songs ever written. Don and Loretta knew each other way back when. She loved him and crowned him one of the best song-writers ever in the business. Well.. yep. He was a successful singer and performer –  a country music hall of fame inductee. (By the way, I Can’t Stop Loving You, Sweet Dreams, etc… need I say more. Look up how many times I Can’t Stop Loving You has been recorded. Astounding.)


I just love her and her music. I love what she stands for. I love her personality. I love her perseverance. She is timeless. I love her story. I love her heart and her love for all walks of life. And all the while still being a simple country girl. A TRUE country girl. Her lyrics (which most she wrote) will always appeal to me. She is country music to me. And will always be. These singers today… she paved the way for them all. She opened doors for many female singers in the last 30+ years. I feel so grateful to have seen her again. I cried a little. So what.


Bye-Bye… Miss Loretta…for now.

P.S. I got a beautiful poster print of her. And autographed too. Might be the closest chance I ever have to the real thing. I will have  special place on the wall for it.

One thought on “Hey Loretta!

  1. Hey Alison! Could you please email me or reply to this comment – I’m working with the NC Main Street Center on their 2017 conference in Shelby and we’re interested in using one of your photos!

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