Garth Mania

In keepin’ in with the music theme tonight on the blog (and why I have a blog category called Three Chords & The Truth after-all…and he is one of Loretta’s favorites too), so PUMPED for this show. I came across this photograph the other week and it took me back to a kickass time in my life. Me and my gals many, many moons ago. On the night Garth came to town. March 1998 – Charlotte, North Carolina. We had a blast. It still REMAINS one of my top 5 favorite concerts of all-time.. easily top 3. It was electric. Sold-out. Everyone singing every song along with him. Trisha was amazing. I have vivid memories of that night and the show. Man, I was 17 years old then. I’m 34 now and going to see Garth and Trisha…. once again! Excited. Swoon. Happy. 


September has arrived. This month will be a marvelous one. From Boone to Atlanta to Charleston. I’m ready… and somewhere in the middle… we are comin’ for you Garth! I’ve said it before… and will steal Haggard’s words again… music puts me on a “natural high.”

(Kelley says Friends in HIGH Places… haha. What he doesn’t know is that song was ours… OUR song in high school. Those girls in that picture above. OUR song. Every crazy night, every wild weekend… we sung it to the stars and back. Get ready for a dose of that Kelcar. Yes, yes.)

We are excited. After getting his box set/DVD from last December and LOVING it, we were reminded of what a true entertainer and dude he is and always has been. So happy he is back doing music again. 

By the way, I feel blessed to get these tickets. And I did it by phone! Yuck! but survived it! Haha. There was a lot of trouble that day of getting those tickets a few weeks ago. Somehow I got through. It is crazy what this man has done to people and ticket sales. GET IT!

 (not sure why I didn’t add my ticket stub from ’98. Duh!)

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