Place In The Sun

Outer Banks of North Carolina. You know it. Made my 4th trip to my favorite coastal place on Earth. It was another grand time and awesome trip. It was special because Bailey-Kole got to go too. That was special also because KT got to have her a friend along on the trip. (That was a first and first trip for me & BK in all her years) They were a trip – little women and BK had all of us laughin’ the entire time. (Though, I’m not shocked. She is little body of wit and fire… and sweetness.) It was an ABSOLUTE joy to have Katie and Bailey on this trip.

OBX.. is just so exciting each time we go. Each trip we do something new, see something new, do things we’ve already done and try new places to eat while eatin’ at some of our fav’s. Most people go to the beach to lay out and soak sun. Yes, we do that. Always make two trips to the shore to do all that beach stuff but the beach is more than that for us. It is the adventure and the exploring. Soaking in the history of the Outer Banks. Going to very scenic areas. Like I’ve always said.. the Outer Banks has something for everyone. It is the place families should consider taking their growing children.

I love the OBX too… for the wild horses on the north beach. That is no secret. So this trip was beyond amazing. I had planned and wanted to head to Corolla to see them. *fingers crossed* I say that because there is no guarantee you will see them. But I told myself.. only go there on our own. No help, no damn wild horse tour… just go. We have been on the 4×4 beaches of Corolla before by truck but we had never been behind the dunes by truck on our own. So we went for it. I got in the back of the truck with my camera equipment. Maggie and the gals stayed up front with Kelley. (they eventually got in the back after making a stop on the beach during the adventure) Just driving along those shores is heaven and peace enough. And the fact that I chose to go in the late evening.. oh my. Just perfect color, temps… everything.

That first turn we made over the dunes, like the last time, there stood a small herd of wild beauties and then from there on… we saw 26 wild horses. I had a dream of trip because I saw them in a way like never before. Saw them in almost every area I wanted to see them like in the hundreds of other photographs I’ve admired. Standing up on the dunes… on the backside of the dunes… on the beach.. walking along the water. Ahhhh, dreamy. As a wild horse lover, it is joyful and makes me giddy. As as photographer, it feels like heaven. I don’t even know how many pictures I shot. It was a ton. I took a lot of HD video too. Which in some moments, video feels more important to me. I’m very thankful for that experience. Most don’t get what I feel and love about wild horses. That’s fine. Most think aww, pretty and move on. It’s more than that for me. I normally don’t even talk about these things in real life to most adults (thank gosh for this blog!) because I normally just get a look of no interest. Lol! Kids tend to have more interest. (Hence – KT and BK) But the wild horse adventure was incredible. Too many words to describe. And I can’t wait to have another soon.. and keep polishing my wildlife outdoor photography skills!

So Outer Banks Freedom. I could go on and on about the trip but I won’t talk about it all. I like a little intimacy in and about my life. I won’t share every picture in a public setting either. But here are some to show why the Outer Banks of North Carolina is an American treasure and 200 miles of adventure and beauty. The place where I do away with make-up, (wait, I don’t wear it at home either… ha) social media, not washing my hair til it’s time to go home nor fixing it the whole time, bare-feet galore, Carolina breeze is always right on time and fresh seafood at all turns. My kind of living.


That shot and view means… Welcome to the Outer Banks. Leavin’ it all behind and fun times await.


The sign at our vintage motel on the beach in Nags Head. This is a place I’ve been curious about since going to the OBX. It has been on the island for many years and that sign ALWAYS gets me. THE COLOR of course is my fav. I love it! We love our old motels. Most don’t and wouldn’t stay at one. But we ain’t fancy people. There will come a day where will get a fancy beach house on one of the OBX beaches. But for now, our simple living will do just fine.


I reckon the girls got the first selfie of the trip. Using my insta film camera. They loved using that camera on the trip.


First morning at Nags. I checked for the sunrise and it said 5:49. I set my alarm for 5:30 but got up before 5. Ha! Swear! I love sunrises on the beach and didn’t miss one on this trip.. even if I go by myself. That is my favorite time on the sand.


Morning a little later at Nags. The world is still wakin’ up.


Another early morning view before walkin’ onto the beach from the room.


No OBX trip is complete without at least ONE breakfast at Stack ‘Em High! Lawd!


So proud! The girls got their Junior Ranger badges at Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devils. KT did these programs on our last trip and earned 3 badges. It is so fun for kids to do. Cool thing to earn!


Just a food pic. Because they were so damn good. I can’t remember if it was KT who asked for them. I think it was. She done good! Seafood nachos. LAWD!


First trip to the beach. And they are off…


Life in the sand. It’s a good ‘un.


Me and the Bay! My pal for life. (One of my closest friend’s daughter)


One of the places I love so, so much at the Outer Banks – Jockey’s Ridge. The biggest sand dune on the East Coast. It is a bowl full of bliss and joy. I could sit forever. I love going at the end of the day too. BK takin’ off. This was clearly before she decided to bury her pink flip-flops in the dunes! (OMG, haha) Yes, she forgot where she buried them. RIP flip-flops…


I was fascinated by these little boogers. They were fun to watch speed around on the dunes.


The kickass gang!


Looks like a second trip to the beach! Buxton Beach… one of my favs. Bay takin’ it all in. Buckets mean water… and water means… the girls are about to create masterpieces in the sand.


And THAT’S why I love it. Peace. Pure peace and beauty. No one around. I’ve been out there before when you see NO ONE… not even in the distance.

_MG_8436-XL_MG_8439-XL_MG_8643-XLBeach gals.


Me and Mags on Nags one early morning. Bay took photos of me and Maggie. Awesomeness.


Doggie beach lovin’ paws.


We love this place. Just love it.


And love this place too. The girls on the replica plane Orville and Wilbur built.


For the love of food, another food pic. Crab cake. Me and KT each had one at a new place we ate at that she picked out – I Got Ya Crabs! Super delicious.

_MG_8747-XL _MG_8789-XL _MG_8807-XL _MG_8890-XL _MG_9013-XL _MG_9108-XL _MG_9212-XL _MG_9295-XL

Do I really need to type words? Their beauty does the speakin’…


OBX sunset…. leavin’ the beach.


I spot a black pug. The life. Our life at the OBX in a nutshell and screen door. Again, that color. I can’t get enough of it in my life.

_MG_9512-XLThem gals again.


Next up is some cell phone photos. I have a rule (for ME) of no internet, social media, very few texts… all that crap when I’m on a trip/vacation. This trip was no different. I believe in DISCONNECTING from it all and as much as possible. What is the point of beautiful places and adventures if you stay on your phone and the cyber world? Beats me! I hate it! But I know… call me crazy. Haha. But this trip I told myself to take less cell phone pictures. So the phone would be one less thing to deal with when out and about. Also because I have $5,000 of camera equipment in my hand. So umm, duh! I kept my phone in my camera bag most of the time. But I did use it for some pictures of Bailey to send to her Mama.. to update her about the trip. (This was the first time Bay really got to go off on a big trip without her Mama. I will be forever thankful for letting her go with us!) I used it for water videos too. That was fun to do and great to have those moments documented.




Me and this one go way back… well 10 years.


This was a beaming and proud moment for me! The girls joining the Corolla Wild Horse Fund like Big Ali. I gave them $25 to donate to the horses and they were asked if they would like to join. This is Mrs. Susan of CWHF signing them up. Great moment!!!


Another awesome moment. Bay learning about the wild horses. She is a horse lover anyways. But she loved this. She was so curious and was reading everything she could. She really loved the wild horses that have since been removed from the island, became domesticated and up for adoption. She wanted Firecracker!


Yes, I did some exercising on the trip. Bay went with me on this morning.


We be representin’ Clover on the sands of the Outer Banks. Clover gals.


BK holdin’ the big gun for me.


Underwater shenanigans.


I got my Duck doughnut! One thing I look forward to gettin’! I can’t tell ya the last time I had a fresh doughnut. Kel and the girls opted for ice cream next door.


Beach ridin’. Freedom.


Like I mentioned on my Instagram, this was my moment. I just got back from Currituck County and the wild horse adventure we did. I had that moment in the room where it hit me of the badass experience and had a moment to think about it. So I asked Kel to take my picture. I was just simply happy. Don’t get in the way of my rainbow. I bought that tank top for this trip and for the ride out on Corolla. Glad it ended up “fittin”…


Even though we are always sad to leave, we leave with good memories. And a Outer Banks activity book to do!


Back to the DSLR….so long Outer Banks. Happy trails!






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