One thing we love having where we live is our lighting bugs. It has been a fascination since we were kids. It won’t ever change. I think every kid should grow up and be fascinated by lighting bugs and June bugs. (saw my first June bug on one of my bath towels hangin’ outside on the clothes line last weekend. It was a baby one too.) Summer is alive when you see the night light up.

I sat outside a few nights ago and just watched them light up all around me. I couldn’t stand it anymore though so I ran inside and got one of my mason jars… poked holes in the lid and then you know what…

Took myself right back to being a kid. I was catching them left and right but it also can be tricky to catch them too. Haha! I got the double whammy because a froggie came hoppin’ up too. My brothers and I use to take frogs and put lighting bugs in their mouths when were little and watch “the bubble” glow. I grabbed him but he was too excited to handle. So I let him go.

When I took my jar back inside, they weren’t really lighting up yet. I took them to put next to my bed.. in the dark of course. Quietly turned on something Keith Whitley and my hand to God… they started to light up. Wild!

“Crickets are sangin’ and lightin’ bugs are floatin’ on the breeze…”


(iphone images)

Maggie and me were outside last night. It was a sight watching her watch them. Heehee. Get ’em girl!




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