Patty Loveless Kind of Saturday

Welcome Summer 2014. Howdy. Today was a wonderful first day of Summer in the South. Just like last weekend and almost every weekend… started the day at 6 am. Got my walk/jog in and my flowers got their daily early morning bath. I enjoy being outside working til late in the day. We did have a shower come through but just enough not to matter. I don’t do well sittin’ on my ass. I’m my Mama made over… at least in that department. Got lots done again today. My nephew stopped in unannounced and helped out for a few. That never happens… me getting help outside. Ha!! So that was nice of him.

I write about today because it’s just one of those days I want to remember and have something in words to recall back on. It was a plentiful and productive day. From dirty gloves to ending the day coloring and cutting my own hair. All in the middle of it… spending time with my doggies. Oh… and I got my new cool camera today. I plan to use it at the Outer Banks.. and let the girls use it while there. They will dig it. I loved taking insta pictures when I was younger. I still have and use my old Polaroid. But thought this modern day one would be fun to have to document life with! And I got it in blue… sweet! (iPhone photo doesn’t pick up the color correctly.)


And insta-film is the original selfie and so are these gals… (loved seeing this yesterday!)


By the way, my title is in reference to what I play EVERY Saturday. Patty Loveless.. all… damn… day. No TV, no internet.. just music. And she is my jam.

And P.S. – Tried on some new threads I got… and they are one size down. And fit just perfect. The boyfriend said “pretty damn hot”… SCORE.

Happy Summer!

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