Diamond Month

April was a good month. When 2014 rolled around, I said it was the year (my year) for health, home and horse. (Oh, you didn’t know it was the year for the horse in this country? Well it is. America is slowing coming around.)

April brought wonderful things. As always, it brought my birth date. I turned 34 years young on the 13th and feel better than I ever have. And no, I don’t think 34 is old and all that like most women would say. I mean girls in their 20’s still bitch about “getting old”….haha. C’mon. Let’s talk when we’re 93.

So this is where is health comes in. No, I didn’t make a stupid NY’s resolution to lose weight. Never have, never will. I set a GOAL in 2013. (That blog is being written off and on during these last and next several months but will come later.) I will end this month being right at my 30 pound weight loss mark. Cowabunga.

Home. I love my little home. Most can’t say they live the lyrics to one of my favorite songs – “The House That Built Me”. I can and still today. I started a long list of things for my home in the fall of 2013. And slowly doing those. (Slowly means time and budget) Those things are renovations, improvements and WORK – big and small. I love work. That’s nothing new. I like enjoying the fruits of my labor. My house is quite scarce right now actually. Sorta like a clean slate in a way from the walls to floors. Like enjoying a slight empty kitchen right now. I had a yard sale and sold so much out of my house. I can’t replace anything until I sand my hardwoods and finish them… and the kitchen floor too. Home is odd right now.. to say the least. Haha. But my goals will be found. I like the story of this home. (Which is why I’m OBSESSED with Nicole Curtis/Rehab Addict on HGTV. Watch her and you will find a part of me.) I want to do this character of a small sweet home justice. I can promise you I wanted to be an interior decorator and all that many years ago. Maybe I can be Nicole Curtis in the next life. Again, another blog on down the road.

But April was another month written in the memory book of my life. Let’s show some of it through photographs…. (in no particular order)

IMG_2200Yard Sale! I love having them and love going to them. This is the most successful one I’ve had yet. $$$$ But love even more getting SO, SO much stuff out of my home. Room…breathe a little better.

IMG_2535A great book read this month. Incredible journey. Came out on the other end. IMG_2427Score! I actually won something. Pretty sure that never happens. This is a place back home in South Georgia where we use to get our sausage. I love the hat. And love anything from back home. _MG_5709-XLSpring time always brings BASEBALL! _MG_5726-XL _MG_5747-XLAlso brings the first signs of COLOR and BEAUTY. My old faithful – cranberry tree. Or as some smart ones call it… crab-apple tree. IMG_2228

Oh just me and my gal front porch sittin’…

IMG_2437_MG_5776-XL Took it on down south to the low country – Darlington. Good, good time. IMG_2167Do you realize how happy I was to find my old lacers from high school? Good lord. I have looked everywhere.. forever. I knew I had them. I have every boot I’ve ever wore since junior high. These suckers were the best. I even had them re-soled at one point. I finally found them in my barn. Gonna put some saddle soap to them and get them back on the ground. IMG_2814Ole Shooter baby.


A $10 dresser from the thrift store. Painted her ruby red.

_MG_6413My nephew came to town in April too. Well… I mean in his Mama’s belly.


So long April. Happy tails, happy trails!

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