Team Work

“Don’t judge.” That is what Mrs. Sandy told us before going over to a local farm. It’s not our place to wonder what has happened and why. It’s only our job to help folks out. I agree.

We met up at Southern Cross Farm first for a little meeting with Mrs. Sandy before headed over to another place to do volunteer work. Emma presented Mrs. Sandy with a photo album of prints I had made for her. Just different photographs I have taken at Southern Cross so far. That moment alone made my day. Digital photography can lose you if you don’t bring the images to print. I haven’t forgotten that in the past year. There is no better joy than to see someone’s face as they hold a photograph in their hands. Some don’t do the internet. Hats off.

This day was for helping out someone else but mainly for helping two wonderful animals. What these young kids are learning… you CANNOT put a price tag on that. It is always amazing what you can get done when you have a large amount of big and little hands helping. And endless amounts of rakes, gloves and trash bags. Looking forward to heading back in 2 weeks. I love watching these kids learn and grow. I love hard work too. That to me is a great way to spend a Saturday. Call me crazy. I would pick animals and working outside over any other weekend activity. I was also thrilled Mrs. Sandy needed me to bring my camera along so we could document these two sweet mares so they could find them homes. Gladly sent their photos and info to Healing Horses. Fingers crossed.

Had to see Mrs. Sandy’s horses at Southern Cross before we all left. Trigger was happy to see everyone!  Adults and horses are great but horses and kids are even greater. I sat back and watched this moment. You can see the love. You can see the comfort. I love these moments. They better my life.IMG_4911

My brother Jon and gang getting the boards unloaded.IMG_4926

Emmer out breaking up and spreading the horse manure. There was tons of this to do. The team got it done.IMG_4951

The first part of this fencing, where the horses like to come up for greetings, snacks and feeding, had barbwire. That was taken down and replaced with boards Mrs. Sandy gathered up.IMG_4960

My nephew Ethan helping out with the fencing. IMG_4964

One of the many hard workers. Lots of great folks and kiddos. Proud to be among them all.IMG_4977IMG_4989IMG_4984

Emmer takin’ a little water break. IMG_4998

My sissy-in-law bringin’ up some more debris from behind the barn and corral area. There was lots of debris we cleaned up from the top of the gate down to the creek. IMG_5010IMG_5015IMG_5025IMG_5029

Snack time for the horses! Emma and Hannah gladly fed them some peppermint treats. And Corona and Babydoll gladly took ’em!



Chomp! Chomp!


After we called it a day, they brought Babydoll and Corona back over and fed them. They were so, so happy! Fresh water, fresh hay! Yum, yum!


This is sweet Corona. She is 4 years old and a rescue. She was born with a deformity with her hips and legs but it causes her no pain and she gets along pretty damn good. She was very, very sweet on this day.IMG_5089IMG_5128

Here’s hoping these two can find forever homes. To get that forever love and get back on track with their weight and health. Babydoll is 13 years old. She is part quarter and Tennessee Walker. She was so sweet and kind too. Just want them both!


Our fearless leader – Mrs. Sandy.IMG_5064

So thankful! Happy trails, happy tails!

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