Carolina Winter Wonderland

“Cover up the flowers. Bring the dog inside. Wrap the faucets, fill the tub. See if Mama needs a ride.  A last run to the store.. before the freeze. Before the freeze.”

I pretty much have lived those song lyrics by Corey Smith. And those lyrics take me back to my childhood. Need to add the lyric “and put bread bags on our feet.” (flashback to being a kid) Most love snow or do they? I do. We got us some snow this week. Southerners are funny about snow. Some of them get excited when the mention of snow coming but after an hour of it being here… they get ill and want it gone! Haha! I stick by no matter what… we have never experienced what folks in other states get.

I appreciate it. It’s pretty. It’s fun to roam around outside. I love to see kids enjoy it.  Shooter and Gus love it! Maggie… not so much. But she has those tiny feet. Can’t be fun for her. Today is Sunday and it’s all melted and gone. I mean… snow ’round here is temporary. We may never see it again for another 10 years. This is like the 4th or 5th good snow I’ve seen in South Carolina since I moved here. That’s a span of 25 years too.

Anyways, some snow photographs from this week.

IMG_4311IMG_4206-XLIMG_4409IMG_4403IMG_4449IMG_4384IMG_4502IMG_4569IMG_4655 IMG_4574IMG_4747IMG_4474


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