Emma & Friends

On this snowy, cold day in Clover and Shooter laying in my lap… good time to blog. I really need a picture of this simply because it’s sweet but also because Maggie isn’t hoggin’ my lap for a change. Heehee. Anyways, been meaning to share a few photos of my niece and some of her adventures and experiences.

Emma over the last few years has become so in love with horses… which makes me crazy happy! I love watching her but also being there with her. She is getting the best of both worlds – riding and learning. She takes riding lessons here in Clover with Miss Angie at HI C Farms but she is also in the 4-H Club here in York County. This 4-H Club is an extension of Clemson University. She is in their horse club. Emma has a really great teacher – Mrs. Sandy. Sandy and her husband have a farm in Smyrna. They mainly have all rescue horses, including mustangs. They have done some incredible things with the horses. If you know me… you know how much I love rescue farms. It is a dream/goal of mine to have a rescue farm for all animals. So I love being at their farm. They have such great hearts. The horses, doggies and cats are so blessed. Emma is getting to go to the farm with other young girls and they are being educated on everything from horse body parts to cleaning stalls. I love that she is learning about a horse vs it being all about riding one. I love the education she is getting. It’s so, so important. And she loves it. But wanted to share a few photos from the rescue farm.

Boogerman has become like the favorite. Even though you can’t really have a favorite among the horses. Too hard to do. But he has been there for awhile and he is like their fearless leader. The wise one. Emma really loves him. He has a striking beauty.


Boogerman was the learning tool on this day. He was awesome. IMG_4072

This picture below was from their first meeting. I’m putting this photograph to a huge canvas. They both make me smile. Emma and Boogerman. 



This is Buster below. He is half mustang. It was fun getting acquainted with him. 


Emma’s teacher Mrs. Sandy and their newest horse at the farm – Trigger. He has Clydesdale in him and so gorgeous. She was teaching the girls about halters. Trigger was a great helper!IMG_4007-LIMG_4046-L

4-H Club rocks as it always has! I always look forward to anything my nephews and niece get involved with. I love being there to witness their joy for anything they love to do. Just like above.

Well my favorite show American Pickers is now on. Over and out.


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