I thought the other day, along with many other days, I haven’t blogged lately! I haven’t forgotten about my blog or haven’t wanted not to blog. Each time I go to write something or think about something new to put on here… I don’t. I’m weird! Haha! I let December and January pass me on by. So new year, new ramblings.

I was outside yesterday and saw two beautiful horses with their riders come by headed into town. That isn’t uncommon around here and especially on my road. I just haven’t seen anyone riding into town lately. I had to stop them of course on their way back into the country. Two sweet young girls just out enjoyin’ their day. They didn’t mind stopping and letting me pet their horses, chatting and taking a few photos.

IMG_3921 IMG_3925 IMG_3932

Meet Kelsey and her sweet girl Treppy! And that is Maggie on the end. MAGGIE. Awesome. Maggie’s friend/rider didn’t want her picture made – she was camera shy and there is nothing wrong with that. Yesterday was a great day and meeting them just added to it.

Blessings in this new 2014 year for people and animals. Happy Trails and Happy Tails!

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