All The Pretty Horses

Finally got to do the shoot I had been waiting to do for so long. Corrine at the farm with her gang – Dove, Payton, Mira and Roarke, along with little Dani. She wanted to wait til after the wedding to do photographs in her wedding gown with her horses. It was a gorgeous Sunday and you couldn’t have asked for better weather. We had a lot of really fun and funny moments. (Roarke taking her veil and Roarke stepping on the dress and knocking her back on her butt. Haha!) Also, the horses were not sure of her dress. Never seen their Mama in such a thing! Had to get use to it. It was all so new to them.

So it was a grand day full of hanoverian’s, harley’s and doggies. (& a gun) And another wonderful experience for me as a photographer and my continuing desire for the outdoors and animals… especially horses and dogs. And adding to my photography project of human and animal relationships. Took a million photos but here are a few…





IMG_0765 IMG_0742IMG_0651 IMG_0321






Thank you Corrine. Can’t wait til the spring shoot with the gang again! Ride baby ride…

And a little footage from that day….

(Remember to click on the quality dial and click HD when viewing)

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