Hay Boy Finally Gets His Horse Lady

Jason and Corrine said “I do” last night. I was honored to be their wedding photographer but even more honored to be their friends. Corrine and I go back about 11 years ago. It has been wonderful to see her fall in love and be in that real good love you can only hope to find at least once in your life and especially for the people you care about to placed within it. While I may not know Jason very well.. yet, it is nice to see him find a good woman and give his heart away to someone who plans on taking care of it.

Wedding’s are always unique and sentimental. They are always fun and light-hearted while being romantic and emotional. I have always believed if you are a part of someone’s special day…. it has to be appreciated. You are just not witnessing a couple’s day but you are seeing parent’s see their children start a new chapter in their lives and we all know parents just want the best for their kids. You are seeing Grandparents with smiles on their faces. You get to see proud brothers and sisters. Friends are there every step of the way to make sure the day is unforgettable for their best friends.  I always walk away with a smile.

Gonna share a few from their incredible and beautiful night.










Just a few good ole boys. What can we say or do? Oh… nothing. They are perfect just the way they are.






Jason brought the guns I wanted to use for a few shots. Smith & Wesson Model – .38 Special and his double barrel shotgun that belonged to his Granddaddy. Sweet.





My favorite photograph from the wedding and my favorite moment at any wedding. Daddy and his little girl.







Thanks to Amy for taking over the filming for me during the reception while I shot photos.



Wishing Jason and Corrine sweet, sweet love! Let the years be good to you. Hitch that wagon to the prettiest star in the sky and go! Enjoy your honeymoon for the next week and refrain from that saying “keep your hands to yourself.”

From your family and friends… we love you.


(their first dance song – Gary Allan/I Can Love You)

I can’t stop your heart from breaking,
Can’t make right mistakes we’ve made,
Can’t dry your crying eyes,
For my little angels sake,
I can’t make the sun keep smiling,
Or blow away the clouds,
There’s some things in this old world girl,
I can’t do nothing bout…
But I can love you,
Like I’ve always done,
And when the hard times come a knocking,
Honey you won’t ever see me run,
I won’t leave you,
When you need a friend,
Can’t make the bad days that much better,
Baby than they’ve ever been,
But I can love you…

Jason & Corrine Beck – September 14, 2013 – Owl’s Eye Vineyard – Shelby, North Carolina

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